Escape to the Movies: Iron Man 3

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Iron Man 3

MovieBob gives us his two cents regarding the latest Iron Man film. There may be spoilers ahead so beware.

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Going to go see this tonight. SOOOO excited.

Well, I was stoked before, but now I can hardly contain myself! Bob's saying it is second best only to Captain America: The First Avenger is some of the highest praise he could have given it, for in my opinion, Captain America was the best of the individual Marvel movies. Color me excited!

I bet Chipman is over hyping....

For some reason the UK got this and Avengers a week early (which meant that I got to celebrate the anniversaries of those years with marvel movies :) ) and since seeing the movie I still don't know how to feel about the twist a few days later. My initial reaction was of extreme annoyance but every moment of it was so entertaining. I really hope that it is the subject of a Big Picture episode, pretty please?

Iron Man 3

MovieBob gives us his two cents regarding the latest Iron Man film. There may be spoilers ahead so beware.

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Releasing the review a day before you usually do, I can only assume good things...

*watches video*

Well, my day is set for tomorrow...

Great, I'm going to have to delay watching Big picture on Tuesday...

Meh, I actually didn't like it. Mostly because of the motivations of the villian, they were so flimsy and "yeah, because I wan't to fuck things up" compared to the other two movies, especially the second one.

I'm not sure that the comparison to Dark Knight Rises is entirely fair, considering they lost Batman's arch nemesis in the post production of Dark Knight and were left Me-andarin about in his mythos for a suitable replacement.

*Checks calendar* Wait... it's still not friday yet... what madness is this!??

BUT... on the other hand, I liked the previous Iron Man movies, I thought they were mostly okay, but if Bob's saying that 3 is awesome (as in, Captain America awesome) and has a twist (I actually muted the spoiler, wich I rarely do), I guess it's definitely a worthwhile little flick I need to see.

Cheat Commandoes Rrrrrrrock rrrrrock on!!

Going to see it on Saturday. Glad to know I won't be disappointed. :3

Saw this movie a few days ago. But I don't get what he meant with the mechanic being "so dark that people will get angry over it".

I... was not impressed. Which is not to say I disliked it, either. It's a worse film than the much more tightly focused first entry and I'm a bit undecided about whether it's a bit worse than Iron Man 2 as well.

The thing is, that PTSD subplot Bob talks about in his weirdly long recap of most of the plot? It gets abandoned with no resolution. The legitimately funny out-of-suit half an hour in the middle? It would have been daring for anybody else, but Black goes back to stuff he turned into action movie tropes in the first place and feels a bit too comfortable with them. The actually funny and surprising twist? It adds to an already convoluted plot with multiple dangling threads and a few too many big twists.

It's a messy movie, really. If you thought the excursion to Avengers prequel mode in Iron Man 2 was too loose this has the same thing, only here the friction is between the overblown whodunit plot, the superhero movie action and the character action comedy stuff. The action comedy bits are the best, because of course they are, look at the cast and crew. The superhero action is more Avengers than the smaller earlier Marvel films and the character bits get forgotten or resolved in cheap ways. All together feels too busy and too hazy for its own good.

But hey, no harm in seeing it, either. It's funny and... well, harmless. It's entertaining. But if you're thinking about skipping it? Yeah, that's safe to do as well. There are no overt plot tie-ins to the Avengers stuff (somebody took the Iron Man 2 criticism to heart) and the actual Avengers film is as good a wrap-up for the character as this is.

By the way, I feel like superhero movie reviews have given me a better barometer for Bob as a critic than anything else he does. Clearly he's very forgiving with loose structure and messy storytelling (Captain "just go into montage mode for the second half" America and this prove as much) and telling a focused, single story comes second to individual beats in terms of making him react positively, especially if the beats are fan-pleasing and the story has some contextual rough spots (Amazing Spider-Man, Star Trek '09). This is not an indictment or a defense of Bob as a critic, but it's certainly helpful when I'm trying to figure out when his opinion is going to be a good indicator of my own enjoyment of a film.

Welp, I'm seeing this at midnight tonight and I'm sure it's going to be awesome. Liked how you slipped in pictures of Cartman bonking bin Laden on the head and the Monarch's henchmen from the Venture Brothers.

Fin Fang Foom
*drops mic*
*walks off stage*

Note: This is not a spoiler, but people who have seen it will get it, because that's what it is.

Saw it earlier this week... felt it was bland. Just... running on the spot with plot ideas that are retreads of common super hero tropes. The twist, fine, didn't see that, but the ending... surprised me not at all in any way.

Wow Bob again demonstrates his really, really bad taste in films liking this piece of shit that has completly turned me off the Marvel cinematic universe (no way in hell am i paying cinema prices to see anything related to this!)

And the big reveal isn't what turned me off it's the constant

armour hitting Tony stark in the groin evertime he suit's up.

Awh, now I got nothing to watch tomorrow now this got uploaded today.

Anyway the review was unexpected since I thought he would of been dissapointed/ disliked it and no I ain't talking about the twist (I agreed on Bob about it). I just didn't like the end goal to his plans and the way Tony was playing detective during that part of the film. Also heh, I didn't notice the subtle 911/ terrorist reference until now.

Paragon Fury:
Going to go see this tonight. SOOOO excited.

and i just cant fight it

still not that excited, but with guy pearce being in it im more interested, thats for sure

i enjoyed it. was it perfect, no. was it fun, hell yes. the twist was fun, the Marvel CU doesnt stick too close to the books so get over it. n c'mon, canon gets messed with plenty anyway.

still not sure why the UK gets to see it first, but hey, i enjoyed it

I saw the movie two days ago, and I have to say:
It was alright as far as I am concerned, but it didn't really impress me all that much. Robert Downey Jr. was good, Gwyneth Paltrow was alright, Guy Pearce was fun (though I liked him better in Lockout) and Ben Kingsley stole every scene he was in.
If superheroes are your thing this movie is for you.
If you just want a fun action-romp, this movie is a good choice.
If you want anything more than that, you would be better of with another movie.


I liked the film. A lot. Then again, I love both Iron Man and RDJ as a whole.
What amazed me most of all thought, is that after seven years of Marvel films, people were still leaving before the end credits.

I bet Chipman is over hyping....

Not in my opinion. Easily the best of the Marvel movies so far, better than Avengers even. Good story, good characters, good action, good dialogue, good spectacle, it just works. I wasn't a big fan of either of the first two Iron Man movies, but this one is definitely worth a watch. And the twist, while not exactly original, is beautifully done.

Iron Man 3 is, at least, a big improvement over the dreadful second film, so for this alone it's worth watching. But I thought it was, in fact, the best in the trilogy, and one of the best individual Marvel movies, no doubt. Devin Faraci's review at Badass Digest is full of spoilers but he discusses the movie at length, in a positive light. Film Critic Hulk also published some analysis of IM3 as a Shane Black movie, and I agree with most of their points.

All I can say is that I really hated that twist, and I expected Bob to feel the same way about it. It is definetley a risk and not something you'll see coming, so job well done for creating a twist. But the way I see it, it is only a small step above making it all play out in a dream sequence. So my initial reaction was more in the lines of ''They didn't. They honestly didn't. Holy-crap-you-have-got-to-be-shitting-me they just did. Damn.'' That said, I still think it was better then Iron Man 2, even though not as good as the first one or The Avengers. They get very creative with the suits and I agree with Bob that finally Pepper Potts gets fleshed out a little more, making herself actually useful through her on-screen actions.

Yeah, saw it last night, was pretty awesome. The plot twist was fantastic as well, hope no one spoils it around here, it's just such a lovely moment in the theatre, everyone was literally laughing at the premiere.

As for the "stay after the credits", I wish you told that to the guy who was handling the projector. While about 25-30% of the theatre stayed seated after the credits, the guy at the projector apparently didn't get the memo, didn't watch/play a single Marvel movie so far, had no idea what he was playing, no eyes to see the amount of audience waiting and no respect for the movie to let the credits play through. So RIGHT BEFORE the ending scene... the moron cut the video. The sound was still there, so while we started to doubt a little if there would be a scene (the movie really feels like an Iron Man finish), we heard the sound playing the scene. Then, after the audience started shouting, the guy turned the video back on, then backed up... to the final scene before the credits. So after waiting some half hour, the ending scene received a really lukewarm reception, which, while it's not as awesome as the previous movies are, it doesn't quite deserve.

I bet Chipman is over hyping....

I've seen it, and it was awesome.

A bit disappointing he didn't talk about the twist, the amount of times we get spoiled in other countries because we get a movie a month or two after the states sometimes is annoying. But I understand why he chose not to, and I agree that it was an awesome part of the film.

Mr Ink 5000:
i enjoyed it. was it perfect, no. was it fun, hell yes. the twist was fun, the Marvel CU doesnt stick too close to the books so get over it. n c'mon, canon gets messed with plenty anyway.

still not sure why the UK gets to see it first, but hey, i enjoyed it

I like that they mix things up in these films, if I want to see the story exactly as the comics are written, I'd read my comics. This way I get a new story with characters I love in it.

I'm not sure why the US gets it after, but like I said in my earlier post, most other countries get movies and games etc later then them, was kinda nice to see something big be our turn to see first. It took Wreck it Ralph two extra months to make it to NZ, not as big a movie as Iron Man 3, but one of the newer examples. Once the US has something released, it gets way harder to avoid spoilers of any kind on most websites and they pop up in the most unexpected of places sometimes.

This Sunday is my birthday and that's when I'm heading out to see it with some friends. I'm glad Bob gave it his seal of approval as his tastes are generally in line with my own.

Still, I don't know that I've seen a Marvel movie that has disappointed me....except Spiderman 3...and I haven't seen any of The Hulks so they don't count. :P

Saw it and loved it. The twist was awesome and frankly, the more "faithful" approach would have been lame as hell as far as I'm concerned, though I will admit I don't have much respect for the Iron Man mythos of old. Was fun all the way through but didn't feel I had to turn off my brain to enjoy it. It did have a bit of lowbrow humour, but nothing anywhere close to being jarring and there was some audience pandering by adding a child actor into the mix, but frankly, I liked those scenes and the kid never felt annoying to me which is something I consider worth mentioning. So yeah, loved it and prefer it over the other 2 Iron Man films, this is the first time I felt the villain was actually dangerous, not like in 1 which had a stupidly convoluted plan and a pretty weak climax and 2 which was cool, but really low key. The enemy not being another guy in a suit really helped me there.

Mm, I actually enjoyed the twist and found it clever myself, and I had a sneaking suspicion Bob would feel the same. :XD:

Saw it ages ago in Aus and did not enjoy it at all, nothing but cheesy one liners. It tried so hard to be funny and I thought the 'Extremis' story was a boring book and it turned out to be an equally stupid movie. It was like Iron Man vs Xmen. When Killian breathed fire I almost walked out and left the cinema, he did it once so they could set up another joke.
And the after the credits scene is not worth watching, if you dont really care dont wait around for it.

I found it enjoyable enough. I wasn't really expecting a clever storyline after the first two films, but I was surprised when the twist happened. It's a good enough sci-fi action film to keep me happy.

Bob I gotta say though, for someone who didn't like the Dark Knight Rises, you sure seem to compare a lot of films to it.

RJ 17:
This Sunday is my birthday and that's when I'm heading out to see it with some friends. I'm glad Bob gave it his seal of approval as his tastes are generally in line with my own.

Still, I don't know that I've seen a Marvel movie that has disappointed me....except Spiderman 3...and I haven't seen any of The Hulks so they don't count. :P

Spider-Man movie rights are owned by Sony, not Marvel.

OT: Eh. Saying it's second only to Captain America does nothing to hype it in my eyes, since all I remember of Captain America are some loud explosions. Also, I didn't care enough to see the second Iron Man, so the point of watching this one is pretty lost on me...

I do think it's a bit funny that Bob glosses over things he would've harped on about had the film not been Marvel, though.

Got to admit, surprised Bob liked the twist, given he normally gets quite ranty over things like that

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