The Escapist Presents: The Escapists Blow Up The Death Star!

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The Escapists Blow Up The Death Star!

The Escapists pay tribute to our favorite galaxy far, far away!

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That was freaking painful to watch.

Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit amphetamines.

That was freaky.....too freaky.

Paul you have out done your self on this one BRAVO!

That was great. Darth Bob, Dark Lord of the Sith.

Bob as Darth Vader is the funniest thing I've seen all day! What an awesome video, I liked it!

Well ... that was interesting.

Especially Jim and Yatzee with the whole "Trust your feelings" line and etc.
Oh and Darth Bob. XD

But it WAS awkward,
but it was that funny kind of awkward.

But good job guys and "May the fourth be with you". >.>

That was so bad that it was good. all of my wat. XD

Fun to watch though. =D Janelle being R2-D2 was an inspired choice =P

Also means that I've now technically seen 11 minutes of the film.

One thing though, any particular reason Jim hasn't been credited?

Oh God... no more, no more!

That was just... yeah. I couldn't finish it, as you might have gathered.

"focus on da leeh-dah"

moviebob was surprisingly amazing to see as Vader


Gold guys, gold!

Also, Obi-Ben Kenobi?

Darth Vader from Boston was the best part. :D

I can't believe you did that who was on drugs when this was suggested?

it's an amusing video, but isn't that beyond the 5% rule? or does it count as a remix?
or are you just going to get shut down by the house of mouse?

Not the best video quality, but it was fun.

Yahtzee as Obi-Ben Kenobi killed me!

"Make sure to keep up your visual scanning... which is another way to say look outside." Made me burst out laughing.
Also, insert a joke about Jim being Porkins here, I guess. Poor Porkins, and Jim...

That was ... entertaining ... I guess?

*Thumbs up*

So who, from what, was who?

Oh geez -.-

Maybe you guys should stick to what you do best :P
Creating a good expo that is

Entertaining thou!

Special Edition BURNS!!!

I think the funniest part was the way Lisa was pretty clearly taking the role seriously, while everyone else had their tongues so far into their cheeks they were in danger of bursting through the skin. She even did a pretty good job.

lol, Vader Bob :-D

btw. such an abuse of R2D2, not cool Luke Foiles, poor thing...

I know I'm not the first to notice this but...
Lisa Foiles as Red 5= TEHN OUTA TERN!!!

I wonder how Darth Bob Obi-Ben Croshawbi?

lol, Vader Bob :-D

btw. such an abuse of R2D2, not cool Luke Foiles, poor thing...

I think you mean L2D2.

Tardar Sauce really stole the show here.

The podcat did well at getting my hopes up, and they were more than meet. Awesome love it.

Ah, Red Sterling and Moff Grumpycat were the best. Should do the episode 6 ending celebration dance off next.

So BAD it's brilliant rofl

But why isn't Yahtzee Darth Vader with Imp imperial fighters? xD

0-0..........That, was, :D AWESOME! Best Star Wars Day EVER!
I really liked how you even gave a part to the Imp. He even got a cool death scene.

Thank you all soooo much.

So silly, I like it!

Happy Free Comic Book Day!

So who, from what, was who?

Just check the credits at the end.

Freaking AWESOME, not over-hyped at all on the podcat.

This is probably the most I have been able to follow the pilots that weren't Luke.

That was fun how did you choose who would play who? I mean you knew you were sending some of your people out to die right?

Special Edition BURNS!!!

Well it is the only version you can buy in stores, well until I put my plan into action.

"Cover me hamsteak."

This is amazing.

I didn't realize how innuendo filled that scene was until now.


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