Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Review - Unapologetically 80s

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This is very funny to read and most likely also very funny to play.

You have to understand that all that what made the 80ies for you, came to my home in Eastern Europe in the 90ies - and was embraced and cultivated. In rural regions throughout the Czech republic, Slowakia, Poland e.t.c. many people still wear clothes and listen to music from the 80ies. So all the 80ies revival parties, movies and games, hit another nerve here than in the former "West".

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon. If it was any more 80s, you'd have to use dial up to download it.

You're about a decade off.

I approve of this review, even though I'm months off.

I blame the time-warp value of the game.

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