Jim & Yahtzee's Rhymedown Spectacular: Stanza Wars

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One made me laugh and the other made me go 'hmmm' (in a thought provoking kinda way).
So lots of fun, thanks for the poetry.

Zachary Amaranth:

"Spend your whole life just splashing about. Why do you think nobody's tried to get out?"

Mr. Fett would like to have a word with Yahtzee...

Nobody counts the EU.

Jim does.

For fucks sake Yahtzee get a mic screen, your inhalation is a distraction.

Props to both though on their prose.

love this new show :D

keep at it you guys! been solid gold so far :D

I honestly will give this week's win to Yahtzee although I am so freaking torn. THEY WERE BOTH AMAZING!

Jim missed off Ragerty Andy


They finally managed to actually have them both rhyme.

I'm just being mean I really like the serie so far and im normally not a fan of poetry.

Zachary Amaranth:

Nobody counts the EU.

Jim apparently does.

I love the Yahtzee awkward slide away from the mic.

the line

made me spit my coffee

great job to both, I think yahtzee has the presentation and he does good crazy eyes

I'm now imagining a Python-esque scene where there's two guys about to be fed to the Sarlacc, and after Jabba mentions the specs of this desert creature they call him on his bull shit by using the exact same evidence Yahtzee did here.

Yathzee wins this one, for two reasons. First i had to laugh a bit, second i could actually follow his. With jim half the time i didnt know what he was going on about.

Same here. Guess we're not as big Star Wars nerds as Jim?

This is a great video series. I love the "Tales From..." books. Now I want to reread all of them along with the X-wing series. Too bad Lucas Arts is going away. I guess I'll go play KoTOR again.

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