Feed Dump: Feed Dump 100

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Feed Dump 100

So many episodes, so much silly news, so many hats.

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That was wonderful! It was like a 7.5 minute dose of Desert Bus, but in May! Looking forward to see what you guys do for episode 101.

YAY 100! I can't believe this has been going so long. This is still my favourite source for news, keep it up!

That was hilarious, only thing it needed was a Dump Truck. But that was awsome that you got everyone but Matt in on that.

That was pretty awesome. Nice work guys. That cop though. Wow.

I always enjoy how "Beej" Looks like he has the most Filthy joke on his mind, but just can't get himself to say it out loud :)

Amazing, like a bite sized version of Desert Bus! So good :D

4 Weeks from now: Two year anniversary!

Suffering LRR overloaded. Wasn't prepared awesomeness.

Wow...that was the most random Feed Dump I've ever seen, and it was AWESOME!

I always enjoy how "Beej" Looks like he has the most Filthy joke on his mind, but just can't get himself to say it out loud :)

*snerk* You know, I never noticed that. But now that you've mentioned it, it DOES look like he wants to say something filthy minded at all times.

CAPTCHA: 8th chevron

No...we are NOT turning this into that Stargate SG-1 fanfic...no.

Ron Dewings, oh yeah.

Very much enjoyed this episode.

Goddammit, editing the table in the wiki will be a bitch. But it was what I wished/hoped for. Wonderful. Thank you, Runners.

That was a delight. I look forward to the next one in April 2015 :)

You heard it here first. James said he'd make a good real-life cop.

Oh my god... So awesome! Well now 100 was amazing, WHATCHA GONNA DO FOR 200!?! HU!?!?

Congratz LRR team!

100 episodes, already? Time flies by faster and faster. But anyways, those 100 episodes have been very entertaining. Plus, i saw a lot of different hats.

That was so wonderful. I almost forgot, that there was beauty in this world, but you allowed me to feel again. Thank you. Just thank you.

So much awesomeness. XD

Congrats on the accomplishment, the only thing that could've possibly made it better if they replaced Disel with Harry.

It's funny how Cameron is so Deadpan he's not even effected by the brain slug.
Good I wish I could be that funny off the cuff.

Wow, it has been an hundred weeks since this video was up?

Also awh! Why didn't my school give up the day off because of the sunny weather? We had ton of those during the summer until the weather these days (and the fact I'm not a kid anymore).

So... I... I feel left out...

I was sad when Phailhaus died, but then there was this, and then it was now!

All things considered, it turned out pretty well, I feel. xD

Happy hundredth!

Congrats! and great episode.

Just to add a random note, I think I came back to playing Magic (after about 15 years) in part because of you guys. Do with that information what you will.

This was like a mini morale boosting desert bus... in May! Here's to many more feed dumps guys (and many more hats)

WOOOOOOOOOO! Awesome episode 100!

My favorite part was when you went outside. :D It was funny.

Also, where did you get the brain slug? It's cool.

May you do 100 more! And then 1,000 more! And then 1,000,000! And then take a short break to write a book version, so you can make the book into a comic, and then a comic book movie. ;)

Thank you all.


CAPTCHA: 8th chevron

No...we are NOT turning this into that Stargate SG-1 fanfic...no.

Stargate SG-1 x Feed Dump? I'd buy it.

So... I... I feel left out...

I'm sure someday you will have...A hat.

Imp Emissary:

Also, where did you get the brain slug? It's cool.

I'm willing to bet Tally made it.

Awesome episode, makes me pine for Desert Bus. On an side note, I also happen to be wearing my Desert Bus 6 tshirt today :)


[hats][cake][joy]Happy 100th anniversary Dumpers![/joy][/cake][/hats]

Will episode 101 be filmed in the Ministry of Dump?

The "huthuthut"-thing cracked me up! :-D
As always, it was a wonderful episode, I hope you´ll be around for ages to come.

I got a friend of mine, who has no interest in any games (which are not Plants vs. Zombies) hooked on the Escapist because of your show. She has now moved on to Top 5, and No Right Answer as well... If anyone ever wants to cancel you, tell them that! :-P

So I'm not sure how to express how awesomely fun this one was better than everyone else has already, so I'm just going to make sycophantic remarks at Graham.

Graham: As an amateur video editor, I can't begin to imagine how long it took you to listen to the audio and put down down all the names everyone was saying in the title card for "Paul and Cam and Kathleen and Kate [ ...etc... ] have to figure out what Graham is talking about." Surely the composite operator had to have blown up at some point. Also, your sense of timing on "Jump-cut!" was excellent.

Seriously, this one was splendid!

Feed Dump enjoyment increases exponentially with the addition of more people.

I loved Paul's "Mr. Sun is NOT my friend!" That made me crack up. And wow! Tally is the whiter shade of pale to sunburn THAT fast!

Overdosed on Feed Dump. I need to lie down now. Thank you, you amazing LRR people.

"Impersonating an officer?"

I lost it!

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