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For that special person in your life that needs just a little more macabre morbidity.

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For those too lazy to search for the tab;etop video themselves, here it is

It seems to be really fun coming up with different stories for the various modifiers and events.

Oh Gloom... I played this for the first time a while back. It was on the train coming home from PAX East. We ended up making a very odd story of murderous clown midgets who used darks arts to do horrible things. We... were odd people, and it was 2 in the morning at that point.

thx for the link, will check it out

I love this game! Brought it as soon as i saw the Table Top Epp

Wow, this really looks like it could be a blast to play! Thanks, great pick for this weeks topic :)

I love it, there is actually an entire Cthulhu Gloom set with their own families that I own and it is awesome.
It's super simple and you can explain it and start playing in 5 mins so it's a great thing to carry with you so you can break the ice with new people quickly.

This seems like a lot of fun.
Got to check out where I could pick the game up, never even heard of it.

Definitely A-tier tabletop fun-times. Our group owns it and assuredly enjoys it whenever we bring it out.

Burton-esque? Charles Addams aka creator of the Addams family this looks more like. He was and still is king of Macabre humor.

Interesting game ... it definitely deserves a closer look for sure.

This game is incredibly fun to play with storytelling pals. The cards are things like "pursued by poodles", and crafting a story that weaves together all the events is both hilarious and challenging. One of my all-time favorites.

Loved this series and I may just check out this game. I am not normally huge into table-top gaming, but I find a lot of things about this to be attractive - I love some of the ideas behind it..

thanks for the heads up on this!

you guys are being entirely too positive!

Look out for Cthulhu Gloom which is a tighter game in which they learned all the lessons from making the Gloom expansions. And besides which you get to fiddle around with Lovecraftian horrors from the get-go.



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