93: Because We Can. Yarr!

"'Then, Bejeweled shipped, and my girlfriend at the time, Brooke Pannell, and I got addicted. She deserves a credit on Puzzle Pirates for beating me at Super Puzzle Fighter at the dime arcade on our third date.' On one particular day, 'I left her playing on the laptop in bed, and came back five hours later. She was still playing. The pieces fell together; bling bling!'"

Shannon Drake speaks to Three Rings' Daniel James.

Because We Can. Yarr!

I love reading interviews with Daniel from Three Rings. He has the best energy I've ever come across. He chaired a fab round table at GDC this year about micropayments and free-to-play games that was incredibly interesting. I just wish I could wear a pirate hate without looking like a 45 year old father of three...


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