Sanctum 2 Review - Protect the Core

Sanctum 2 Review - Protect the Core

One part Tower Defense, one part FPS, and a sprinkling of RPG for flavor.

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This game sounds very similar to Orcs Must Die 2, but FPS/Tower defense style. Once my friend is able to get it, I'm gonna have fun with this title.

I'm personally, LOVING the game.

Solo it's pretty fun, but with friends? It's incredible. I've got 3 friends who also have the game, and we are having a BLAST. :D

I like the Borderlands-esque chaos that ensues with every wave. It's fun. :)

I have one question; Is the silly voice synthesiser for the chat still in the game?
Me and a friend used to play the first Sanctum a bunch, and although the game was really good, the voice was easily the best part. Playing with it and making it sing song lyrics, finding out what words it couldn't pronounce and making it go on drug trips by standing in the slow fields could easily be about a quarter of the time we spent on that game.

It's good to hear the sequel's up to scratch though. I was a little dubious it'd just be like a big expansion to the first one, but finding out about the RPG elements and story bits in this review have swayed me.

I just finished the game and... Wowza.
Definitely worth the cash, and as a little heads-up to all of you defenders out there: Play the game, all the way to the end.
Just trust me on this one.

I have one question; Is the silly voice synthesiser for the chat still in the game?

Yes it is, and it sounds like they ripped it out of an iMac...

I skipped the first one, but after reading the review and seeing the top Facebook comment that warns Sanctum 1 players to avoid it because it has 'a greater emphasis on shooting'. Fuckin' sold. Installed it and played for 5 hours straight before I had knew what happened. Really enjoying my time so far with it.

Really great game this Sanctum 2. I'm really enjoying it and now after some patches it's even better! I don't get people, who hate this game, because it's more action oriented than the first game. It's a FPS/TD hybrid! Not only TD. You're supposed to rely on you towers AND on your weapons. Take one thing away and you loose. So if you don't like it, go play something else.


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