Jimquisition: Xbox One out of Ten

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Xbox One out of Ten

The Xbox One was revealed this weak to thunderous applause. Oh wait, did we say applause? We meant, farts. Thunderous farts.

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MS pretty much made my choice clear when all they showed was TV, Sports and COD.

PC and the Wii U will keep me going through next gen.

I predict that the XBox One is going to fail miserably, and I want to be there when it does.

I watch sports in a bar or at a friend's. I don't play CoD. I also do not have a subscription to TV, and frankly I don't even like dogs. I play video and board games.

Clearly, as a gamer, I'm not their target demographic.

Most TVs not only do these things better but they do it without additional fees and advertisements.
Or are they getting rid of the online fee? I don't see that as likely.

I'm glad Jim took my advise and made a extra Jimquisition on Xbone.
Just kidding.

What I'm wondering is if it's too late for them to backtrack on a lot of this. How hardwired is this online pass-ish system and the mandatory install they have set up? Will they see the torches and shelve that idea, will they release it and update the used-fee system out of it if they aren't selling units, is that even possible???

PS4 presentation made me nervous. The XBOX ONE presentation made me facepalm myself to ancient egypt. Good that I have all current gen consoles and a nice GTX680 in my custom built PC for Watch_Dogs.

I've always had my consoles hooked up to a separate TV far far away from the social lands of the living room, so Xbox One literally offers me nothing should it's exclusives fail to blow me out of the water.

Looks like I'm going for PC/Wii U this gen, maybe PS4 at a stretch if it gets a few good games.

I didn't realise XBoxOne was the new console. I thought people were just talking about the original Xbox (like in was way Playstation was nicknames PSOne after the PS2), but like, 5 years after XBox 360.

Where I live, if the internet doesn't work, my whole world cracks. That's how reliant gaming has became on internet connections. Curse you XboxTwat.

Are Sony and Microsoft trying to make PC gaming superior?

Well, at least this might decrease the amount of people insulting other people's mothers on XBox Live.

Rex Dark:
Well, at least this might decrease the amount of people insulting other people's mothers on XBox Live.

I doubt it. You'll just have rich and privileged people insulting each other's mothers instead.

They are doing exactly what Jim hoped they wouldn't about a year ago (I think it was you) when you made an episode on why the Nintendos next console might have a slight edge when it comes to gamers since it is actually focusing on games and not too much on all this other onlinestuff.
Most likely the PS4 and WiiU will crush the XboxOne if it comes out the way everyone thinks it will. Everyone is pretty much on edge if everything that has been said is true.
Which in turn will create more PCgamers?

Having had two 360's break down this gen and having not been impressed by the lack of recent good exclusives, I was already eyeing a jump to the PS4 next gen and it looks like the Xbone's launch has confirmed that for decision for me, unless Microsoft pull something really good out of the bag at E3.

Jesus Jim i damn near spit my lunch when u cut to that slow clap! XD

Excellent Jimquisition Sir.

Does anyone really expect that Microsoft are going to reveal 15 games at E3 exceptional enough to eradicate the memory of this failure of a launch? Anyone?

Frankly I'd be amazed if they didn't spend half the E3 Presentation talking up their awesome new system that lets Americans watch TV on their TV.

Thank god for you Jim!

I don't understand how anyone at Microsoft thought this launch was a good idea. Everywhere I look all I'm seeing are negative reactions.

Oh well, I was pretty sure I would be getting myself a PC this generation, this just cemented the idea.

When my Xbox 360 broke and I bought me a PS3, I think in the long run I made the right choice with what Microsoft is planning on doing with their next system. I hope Microsoft can pull every single big gun they have in their armory for E3 or they might be seeing their big "All in one" plan blow up in their face like Acme dynamite. I have my PS3, 3DS and my PC, so I'm set for the next generation. I might just get either the PS4 or the WiiU down the line, but as for the Xbone, I'm going to say "pass".


Rex Dark:
Well, at least this might decrease the amount of people insulting other people's mothers on XBox Live.

I doubt it. You'll just have rich and privileged people insulting each other's mothers instead.

My mom has more Ph.D's and designer clothes then yours, noob.

OT: I'm gonna wait for E3 until I pass my final judgement, but for now I don't see a reason to switch from my PC as my core gaming device. Oh, except the 3DS, I wouldn't mind one of those.

So yeah, just as bad as the PS4 Reveal.

E3 should at least be fun this year (and will be when I personally pass final judgement on the Xbone and PS4), because all three companies will either blow us all away...or they will be hilariously bad.

So... I see no reason to give them my business. It's sad to have a 12 year consumer to business relationship end this way, 'mais c'est la vie.'
They will need Half-Life 3 as a console exclusive for me to care at all about their television device.

As I somewhat said in another thread, I would like to see a bunch of publishers and developers collaborate and create the console they're looking for instead of just trying to work with the Big Three. It'll be quite the middle finger to them, and at this point it's what's needed to make them realize just how in the dark console developers are, as they are unable and seemingly un to talk with game publishers, developers, and even gamers that are outside the circle about what is wanted to be seen and not in the next console generation, as such an action seems to be considered "too much of a risk of breaking confidentiality" in this day and age.

In other words, the greatest threat to the consoles isn't control - It's the lack of will to gather proper input from other people, fearing that it would lead to leaks and outrage.

Spot on Jim. What Microsoft, and let's face it to a degree, Sony, have been striving for the last few years is not to better peoples gaming experience, but to control it. And the best way to gain control is to wrestle it out of the cold dead hands of your competitors. So far its seems to be a no score draw between the big two consoles but PC gaming has been a pretty big casualty of late.

However seeing what Microsoft has brought the table this time with the Xbox One is actually pretty laughable. It reminds me quite a bit of when America Online strong armed its way to the top of the internet provider list in the 90s only to come tumbling down into obscurity a few years later when netizens figured out they didn't need internet with training wheels controlling how they could behave on the internet. And companies more directly connected to the technology could do the same job better and faster. I see the Xbox One going the same way. Companies closer to the cutting edge of multimedia technology already have a massive head start in the market, at a time when consumers are getting tired of the idea of an 800 lb gorilla sitting in their living rooms telling them what content they can and can't have access to, and how they are allowed to access it. Here's hoping that the Xbox One comes and goes as quickly as a fad like Pogs.

Speaking as an avid console gamer, I sincerely hope this entire new generation of consoles crash and burn spectacularly. Things are getting out of control for consoles and triple A games, and these publishers aren't doing anything to fix them in a way that benefits consumers. I say salt the proverbial earth of the triple A games industry and begin anew.

When Hollywood crashed in the 60s, nothing but good things ultimately happened afterwards. Films like Easy Rider, The Graduate, Midnight Cowboy, The Wild Bunch, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, The French Connection, Taxi Driver, and film makers like Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, George Lucas, Sam Peckinpah, Stanley Kubrick and countless others shed new light on the kinds of stories, characters, and emotions films were capable of showcasing and revolutionized and forever changed the business of motion pictures for the better.

If it can happen to movies, books, and music, it can happen too with video games.

One of Yahtzee's first videos talked about how this generations was the one where "really interesting deformities started setting in"

In that same regard, I think this next generation is when the crippling, life threatening deformities start setting in...

It's time to widen the gene pool least stagnation kill off the console race.

The WiiU has been a joke, the PS4 reveal was underwhelming, and the Xbone was appaling. Nothing short of Valve making HF3 an Xbone exclusive as well as Nintendo guaranteeing every new entry in its catalog of IP as exclusive to the Xbone as well could even begin to pique my interest. It's a poorly focused mess that doesn't seem to want to be a console and that's fine, PC gaming is far more robust.

Thanks for the extra Jimquisition this week! The Xbox One reveal was definitely deserving of one and for all the wrong reasons. I think Microsoft has the most actively talked about console thanks to all the insanity that sprung from the event.

I decided I would switch to PC exclusively for this gen awhile back and it seems everything the Xbone if offering is making that decision seem more and more prudent.

Xbox One: It only makes sense as a Rube Goldberg-worthy plot to invigorate PC gaming and sell Windows machines.

Well, i live in the UK, so chances are the live TV thing won't carry over here. I hate sports, and the only other media I play on my games console are blu-ray movies... so a PS4 it is, then. It'll look very nice sitting next to my WiiU, I'm sure.

It certainly can't look any worse than Microsoft's BetamaXbox..

Also you didn't mention how profoundly xenophobic this presentation was. Beginning with the fact that the TV / Sports features are likely to be available ONLY on the US, and the complete omission of any acknowledgenment of the current problems. I currently live in Chile, and contrary to what Microsoft might believe, we don't live in huts or conjure up internets through the powers of the voodoo, I have a decent broadband internet connection and a credit card to purchase internationally but we still cant even get a X-box live account legitimately, because.. well you just cant..ok?

But now I can hook up my tv to this box? well do we even know what sort of signal standards does this box take? Will I be able to purchase games without a 80% overcharge? Does this device improve my experience in any way, shape or form? It all indicates that a: microsoft doesn't care, b: Even if it worked, what's the point?

Andy Shandy:
So yeah, just as bad as the PS4 Reveal.

E3 should at least be fun this year (and will be when I personally pass final judgement on the Xbone and PS4), because all three companies will either blow us all away...or they will be hilariously bad.

You can't be serious comparing the two.
The PS4 reveal surely had some issues, some of the international issues are still unanswered. But it undoubtedly presented a GLOBAL CONSUMER / DEVELOPER focus ( I will not say gamer focus because ghhhh). It clearly displayed the intention of the PS4 becoming a platform that supported the creative media, and that does fill me with hope.
As bad? what is the Xbox? as someone said, a media hub for rich white american prepubescents to watch tv? really?

I can't even imagine a Japanese developer(or any other non US based devs) being interested in ever developing games for this Xbone mutant... No, just unacceptable. Sure things can get better at E3 but as an indie developer I feel profoundly igored, and if I had any plans of developing for Xbox, they are currently dwindling.

RIP Console Gaming: 1985 - 2013

I'm not giving up on gaming just yet, far from it, the handheld territory is more exciting than ever and my PC is already brimming with tons of games (I'm seriously considering on getting a 1 or 2 TB harddrive), both old and new (thank God for GOG... and Jim of course).

Best of luck for the new console generation, I'm not gonna miss it.

Professor Uzzy:
Frankly I'd be amazed if they didn't spend half the E3 Presentation talking up their awesome new system that lets Americans watch TV on their TV.


Hey, wasn't the XBox a games console once?

I like how he said this is gonna be a console for the rich and he doesn't even know the price.I also like how he went on to bash a console for having MORE OPTIONS!HOW IS HAVING TV,INTERNET,MOVIES,MUSIC BAD?!

Did you actually watch the episode. He prefaced the comment about it being for the rich by highlighting the casualties of having an always on console, most of which were either of a charitable nature or a cost saving nature, such as game renatl services, believe it or not not everyone is going to stump up cash for every game and prefer to rent a game to see if it is worth the cash.

As for the console with more options again he prefaced these contents by highlighting the fact that most smart TVs already do these things, highlighting that he doesn't need an XBox to do the majority of the things that MS highlighted but the XBox does need a TV to do ANYTHING.

So who is the real dumbass here then?

Sad thing is, this still isn't making the Ouya look any better. :(

Best episode ever just for the Interstella 5555 image!!!

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