Movie Trailers: Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters - Trailer

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters - Trailer

Watch as Percy searches for the Golden Fleece to save his world.

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Story-wise it looks cringe worthy.

However, as someone who adores mythologies of the world, I really want to watch this just to see CGI Greek monsters.

Percy Jackson.. Meh..

Overly stylized CGI... not interested..

Nathan Fillion.. OK, let's see what this is all about. Hoping it's not another Pierce Brosnan bit part.

They managed to butcher a really good book the first time, I'm hoping they're not going to do that this time round, but the trailer isn't a good sign

I think one of the things they're getting wrong is the story style and tone of the books is actually quite Greek with a mix of modern sensibilities, whereas the beats and tone here is very much a normal hollywood action film. They should have tried to get over a Jason and the Argonauts feel (because that's what this one is essentially is) but it feels nothing like that and loses the coolness the greek mythology gave everything

Nathan Fillion really looks like he's let himself go.

Interesting. I thought the first one did pretty bad in the theatres and though the world in interesting, I didn't expect to see another of these. We'll see what happens.

for those who haven't read the books, just to show how badly the first film messed up, the main big bad of the series is mentioned off hand, but never actually shows up.

If it's anything like the first book, I don't expect a faithful translation, but whatever, that alone shouldn't be a deal breaker. Otherwise, well... it looks kind of fun. Hopefully it's marginally better than the first one, which had problems far beyond the fact that it drifted from the source material.


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