EXP: ScrewAttack's Real Trailers - Xbox One

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So all the crap that the PS3 got bout having NO Gamez is now being Applied to XBONE, yeah its a voice activated Cable Box that could spy on me. Thats Great, and by great I mean great for me to smash to bits with a sledge hammer.

I see the Xbox went from fanatics game console to the Bro-Douche console with no gamez. And Really you tried to grab my attention with the previous Star Trek movie when I just saw the new one in theaters only days ago, WTF LOL.

Call of Duty Doggy edition, EA presents some douche who is the Bro-fist in human form and unfinished gamez, and omg an actual game, no its a live action video with some weird little girl.

Thats it. I Do not need a $500 game console to watch the PRICE IS RIGHT, because from watching the Price is Right I can tell you for $500 the price is WRONG.

Lets look at the PS4 press conference:
*PS Motion built into the next Gen Dual Shock
*Cool looking Tech Demos
*Games (NEW IP) from Bungie (yeah F off M$ Bungie makes PS4 gamez now, Bungie and Sony is cool now, don't call us, don't make it weird)
*Sony actually listen to developers and make the PS4 easier to program for, meaning better 3rd party titles.
*Valve speaks
*Games from some Racing Game developer douche
*Cool Developers (like Tim Schafer) who makes award winning titles present NEW games and new IP
*Blizzard (who swore off consoles) will support the PS4
*More Games
*The New PSN, yeah you have to pay for online play but they brought in cross game chat and cross game invites.
*Now you can play the games automatically from the PSN store without waiting for downloadz.
*Yeah the PS4 is not backwards compatible, but we're working on the Emulation of PS1 PS2, PSP, Minis, PS3 and Vita titles soon as possible.

I conclude my post with some PS4 ADs. Remember the Xbone has no gamez.


Here you guys go.

Looks like the roles are reversed.

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