Farewell, Escapist

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Farewell, Escapist

The Editor in Chief moves on to a new adventure.

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So the only people that interact with the community that are worth a shit left on the site are Gav and Grey?!?! Fuck...

Anyways bye Susan, sad to see you go but good luck in the future!

Good luck to you in all of your future efforts Ms Arendt. See you on the far side.

Sad to see you go - an awesome editor who interacted with her community all the time. On a side note - does it seem like we're getting through a helluva lot of Escapist editors, the last few years? (well, 3...)

We will miss you! Good luck on your adventure and I hope we get to see you again soon!

Aww :(

Sad to see you go Susan. Are you still going to be in NC? (Really I'm asking if we'll be seeing you around the Expo...)

What is it about this site that eats chief editors so quickly?

Well this was unexpected! D:

Any ideas on what you'll be moving on to do? Also, who is taking of EiC responsibilities after you leave?

We're all going to miss you! Good luck in your future adventures!


As sad as this may be though, good luck in whatever you choose to do, and I hope we'll still occasionally see you around the community. Your posts always tended to raise a chuckle in one form or another.

Also, while this may sound rather harsh (in a push them out the way for the new guy), any word on who the new Editor In Chief will be when you depart?

What is it about this site that eats chief editors so quickly?

That's what I was thinking. I know contractually she probably can't say anything bad, but there has got to be something that is making this site bleed editors.

Bye Susan! Good luck with whatever you plan on doing next, and give my regards to Russ as well :)


What is it about this site that eats chief editors so quickly?

That's what I was thinking. I know contractually she probably can't say anything bad, but there has got to be something that is making this site bleed editors.

As far as I am aware the last two editors left due to other job opportunities (more money probably). In Butts' case it was also family related if I recall.

Dang it. :( You were a fantastic personality of The Escapist and you will be dearly missed by all. Just make sure that your replacement is up for filling such grand shoes! ... metaphorical shoes, I mean, because I'm positive your actual feet aren't clown si- WHAT I'M TRYING TO SAY IS, we'll miss you.

What?! No more wobbly Corgi!?


Good luck for the future.

Really, there was only a handful of contributors to the site that I cared enough and/or respected enough to remember who they were, the rest sort of blend into the white noise you get on any largeish site.

But I never managed to forget Susan Arendt.


I mean, apart from the old adage of 'nothing lasts forever', this is a big knock as Susan Arendt is a huge inspiration.

Not only in terms of video game editorials, or even just editorials, but in terms of the art of writing and weaving the English language to ones whim.

Having the privilege of meeting Mrs. Arendt at the Escapist Expo was a real highlight of the event as well as, admittedly awkwardly, conveying my adoration for her work.

Truly a sad day for the Escapist but certainly a joyous day for whomever is lucky enough to gain the expertise of a talented writer, editor and gamer.

Having said that, I still need to look up how to spell 'Arendt'. :P

I am greatly sad now. So many of the people I loved who's stuff brought me to the site are leaving. I mean there really aren't many editors left that will actually interact with the community like you did. Good luck with what you do, but now I'm sad.


Admit it Susan, you've been summoned to the Corgi Homeworld to battle for Truth, Justice and the Corgi way and tummy rubs.

Sorry, couldn't help myself.

Ssd to see you go though, you did a great job over here.
Good luck with whatever you are gonna do.

Now just to think of some nice hazing material for your replacement.

Captcha gave the answer to why she left;
Slush fund

Sucks to see you go Susan D:

Any reason why? Or are you not at liberty to talk about it?

Regardless, it's been a pleasure.

See you space cowgirl

I'll miss your voice. GL&HF whatever it is you'll do.

This makes me sad :(

Good luck with whatever you choose to do next. May your future be filled with fluffy animals.

*Sniffle* I had no idea you were going! There's so many animal pictures I never got to show you! I always thought there'd be time...

Okay, melodramatics aside, you were one of the most awesome people on the Escapist, and even in real like you were still awe-inspiring to me.

I wish you the very best in your new adventures, and I hope you come back to visit a few times once you've found your new home!

Sadly I'm away from home right now, or I'd put on my Spidermod suit and salute you.. I'll come back to edit it in on Sunday.

*fwip fwip*

I won't normally quote Tumblr but I will today: "My Feels hurt." Good luck with whatever's next for you.

NONONO! Who will now argue with Tito?! Who will tell crazy pet related stories in a hilarious crazy cat lady voice?! Who will host amazing game shows on Expo?! Who will promote Persona games on a Podcat?! Don't go Susan! Don't go! I'm like genuinely sad right now...

All the best for the future Susan, i will miss you on the podcast and your video reviews. I am an Xbox owner and if it wasnt for you i wouldnt have forced my friend to let me play Journey on his PS3.


Well that came out of nowhere.

I guess there comes a time for every Arendt to spread its wings and fly.

Thanks Susan - you've done a lot for the site and your work has been really good. I hope you're moving on to bigger and better things and that you enjoy every minute of it. We'll miss you here.

So long Susan, you will be greatly missed.
I wish a bright and prosperous future upon you and may it be filled with many corgis.
Thank you for all your hard work and dedication and the time you spent talking with us.
(seriously it's really great that you chose to do that, when you could have just ignored us.)

I always enjoyed The Escapist Podcat episodes with you the most.
I was always a bit sad when you were not on the air when a new one came out and now there will not be any :(

We'll miss you. I don't know why you're leaving but I hope that whatever you do ends up being successful :)

Well, this is not good news. While I'm certain that the quality of the site content will likely continue, anything involving actual live in person discussion, such as the podcasts, is certainly going to take a step downward.

Best wishes on the future, and hopefully we'll be able to catch up with you somewhere else sometime soon.

What? You're leaving us? D:

Best of luck in the future Susan, we will miss you.

I is sad now...

Sorry to see you go, your love of Corgis will be missed!

Good luck on your adventure Susan! Hope to see you what you are up to soon.

I some how figured this was coming...

Seeya Susan, I'll miss your reviews, random cute animals stuff, Dr. Who discussions etc.

Good luck in your endeavors!

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