Escapist News Now: Fantasia: Music Evolved Announced

Fantasia: Music Evolved Announced

Harmonix announced they will be creating a game with Disney Interactive called Fantasia: Music Evolved.

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So, has anyone actually watched the video? My comment is looking to be the first, and it's just a request for an article on this announcement in text form. I actually came to this site in the first place for the text content, especially the weekly issues, may they rest in peace. I don't often watch the videos.

It's been a long time since I cared about anything Harmonix was doing... This almost... -almost- makes me want to buy a Kinect... eh, I'll just borrow my roomate's.

Sorely disappointed indeed that nothing from the original soundtrack will be there. The Rite of Spring works OK on Audiosurf, but I'm sure it could be awesome to explore and modify through gesture.

Of course, that would mean some serious composition work on what you can add, and how and when. And all of a sudden I find myself fearing all the announced interaction with the (sounding) environment won't amount to anything much...

Eh, I'm too old anyway, only know Queen from the artists mentioned.

...yes, because when I think Fantasia, I naturally think of Bruno Mars.

I must salute Harmonix for their 'ingenious' idea. Make a copy of the already thousands karaoke games, change it to be controlled by hand gestures, and slap the name of a very good film on it with crappy present day music.

I thought this was a really cool idea...until the total absence of classical music. Like, I wouldn't have minded the smattering of pop songs if only they would have promised a few epic scores in there as well. That more or less tips what it is from the "Disney-inspired exploration of music" end of the spectrum to the "Disney-themed Just Dance/DDR crossover" end.

And I really wish you guys would use a different photo of this girl on the front page. In the video she's plainly dressed and well spoken, totally neutral in her mannerisms, and in the picture on the front page she's like "Hello my cleavage?"


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