Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes Review

Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes Review

The game that should have come out three years ago is finally here.

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I feel there should be some mention as to just how moddable this game is. Changing units, equipment, faction, technology and building statistics and abilities can be done with Notepad++ using very simple code. This is a game that one can tailor to their own personal preference in many areas - I've already been able to diversify the function of weapons even more by giving them specific roles, advantages and disadvantages.

It was made with modding in mind and it can be done in a way that even a novice with code can fiddle with. Just be sure to back the files up.

Oh boy! Greg, you mentioned SMAC :) I used to play this game to death on my old pc! Nice review.

Man.... They are awesome for giving out the game free to those who purchased the last.

Stardock: No DRM, Making Niche games, Appealing to it's customers.

.... Two of those, sorry.. All three of those, In a perfect world all of those would just be given. But in this imperfect world they deserve props for it.

Oh hey, I played War of Magic.
It was very very terrible. Just as the reviewer stated though, there were some very cool ideas so I was actually rather sad the game was literally unplayable.

Finding out this is the sequel brightens my night for sure, as I had my eye on this one for awhile without knowing it was related to WoM.

Thank ye, I'll be gettin' this soon.

I really loved Fallen Enchantress. Though I admittedly found the story campaign pretty derpy, but the combination of 4x, turn based battles and strong RPG elements really made me addicted to it for a while... and then, just as the article says, I just suddenly felt like I have seen everything the game had to offer and promptly forgot about it. Still, if this expansion really is as big of an upgrade as the review paints it, then it is definitely a must buy for me.


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