Unskippable: Spec Ops: The Line

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Wait, who dropped the new LRR moonbase on FUBAR'd Dubai?

Also, I'm waiting on the 12 time anyone died now.

"oh we didn't need that skyscraper, we have more"

Oh that hit me so hard XD !!

I still don't get it, finally a game set in Dubai and it's banned here in the UAE. New York is the hot spot for alien invasion, natural disaster and end of the world destination you don't see them banning movies, games and other stuff.

It might be because of the fairly dark turn this game takes from the mid-point on.
OT: Probably one of the least expected Unskippable I ever saw, and yet I still laughed.

Hooray for the "11th (read: 15th) time I died!"

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