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This episode made me laugh the hardest I have in a long time and I have no idea why...

Is this the best CH so far? Maybe.

This WarHamster is not looking forward to ButtHammer40k... especially if they deploy the Space Gere-ines*. ;_; For The Ham-Peror!

*and yes, I know it's just an urban legend. That legend is my cultural legacy! Or something.

Wait... so this is actually in canon with the previous Commodore Hustle and thus Beej is still infused with the meme-power of the entire internet?

You guys have continuity? :O

Yay! It's Beejazoid!

Ahh Chustle. My favorite time of the... update.

Okay, there is too much awesome in your videos. I think you're gonna have to cut Beej. He is too adept at comedy for the internet. He puts you WAAAAAAAY past acceptable industry standards and breaks meme embargo in 43 nations. Trust me; there will be riots.

meme Beej and his sombrero :).
would enjoy seeing ButtHammer 40K and the Imperial Assquisition in a future epidoe.

Okay, not to sound like a creep or anything, but... Kathleen feet. *anime nosebleed* Is it just me? ...It's just me isn't it? Some days it's tough being a foot guy.

Part of me wonders how much of this is exaggerated... and how much of it happens to be factually accurate retellings of what happened.

Either way, I would love to visit the Moonbase for a day.

I have plenty of room in my place give me beej.

Beej is necessary for every room.

And Paul is amazing at brewing.

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