Escapist News Now: New Battlefront, Mirror's Edge and Dragon Age

New Battlefront, Mirror's Edge and Dragon Age

EA had quite the line-up to show off at their pre-E3 press conference.

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By all that is holy, I say... I love this world...

You're adorable, but I had to crank my speakers to hear what you were saying.

Mirror's Edge prequel? Oh, come on! What's the need of that part? Why not go for a sequel straight away? I'm betting it's because

Battlefront 3. Mirror's Edge 2. A new pair of pants.
I need all of these things, right now.

Ma'idah, you look like you are trying really hard to not talk with your hands, which you should do more of I think =P

I'm kinda excited about Dragon Age III, and a new Battlefront personally. I think they could really get my Next Gen juices going, though I'll probably get them on PC if I can.


I have been waiting for a Battlefront 3 for... for... I think since the very moment that i started playing the second one.

Oh this is by far the best news of the E3 yet!

The only one i care for is DA3 but i really hope they went back to the DA:O combat. Spamming 1 the entire game can get dull as a brick.

You're not impressed by the presence of purely these sequels/titles alone??

But we have been waiting for these ones in particular for way too long now!

I never figured the head law-bringer and hammer thrower of the forums to be so quiet.


My first thought was "There is loads of new titles being released" Bu then I could only count three, Destiny, Max Mad and WatchDog // But hey, they are trying new things, it's not like they are all shooter action games. . . oh wait. . . *shrugs*


All I heard was teasers and trailers... Gameplay footage only please!!!

To paraphrase Yahtzee. "F* off with your pre-rendered cinematic!!!"

In my house, during summer and Christmas breaks, my cousins and I still play Battlefronts (1 and 2) until we pass out. Hopefully, we'll be playing 3 next summer.

'Twas confirmed that the DA III:I trailer was indeed in-engine. I don't know if the Mirror's Edge trailer was too, but I'm pretty sure SW: Battlefron was cinematic.

I don't know that I'll ever really expect EA to do new games again. I do fully expect to see them buying successful smaller titles and then throwing too much money at them to possibly make a profit. My guess is that Battlefront will become their COD (and honestly, if I'm going to be playing a COD-esque game then it might as well be in the Star Wars universe.


Nas, you're just too cute for words. :)

On Topic: Morrigan is back! Woohooooo!!!

When DA: O ended with her disappearing off on her own I wondered if they'd ever continue with the story line. I downloaded the DLC Witch Hunt but apparently my copy of DA: O isn't compatible for the DLC to run and whenever I tried to download a patch system just froze. :(

So I'm glad to find out that Morrigan's story didn't end with Witch Hunt. (Especially since I paid for it and even have it downloaded--I just can't play it! Grrrr).


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