Review: Super Paper Mario

Review: Super Paper Mario

Look, we really didn't need another Mario title. But I guess I'll give this one a pass. And maybe the next one. And possibly the one after that.

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Anyone have any idea when this is coming out in aussie land?
I still havent bought a new wii game since I bought the system and this was looking ripe for the plucking.

The only real complaint I can make about Super Paper Mario is that it uses just a few too many fetch quests toward the end; it's as if Intelligent Systems forgot how to make interesting levels and fell back on their usual RPG standby.

The mix between Crash Bandicoot / New Super Mario DS looks ace, especially with the Illustrator graphics.

I'm fully enjoying Super Paper Mario, in fact it was one reason I wanted to buy my Wii. Though I've had a few issues of frustration when trying to get to the next level, Heart Pillars I'm looking at you, the story is charming. I do wish the constant text, which can often be very annoying, was handled a better way and without the incesent sound.

I'm enjoying watching it be played and lending a hand with the occasional boss fight. I've been fascinated with this franchise for a while, and haven't seen anything yet to discourage me from giving it a shot someday. If only there weren't so many damn games to play.

I love the game but I thought that almost every boss in the game were too easy.


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