Hobbitspotting, Part Five

Hobbitspotting, Part Five

"What's the big deal?" Trevor said. "Would you rather have a blackout at a bar, or a party? I had no idea you were trashed. You just seemed like you were in a good mood. You kept running around offering to help people, and giving them stuff. You gave that little kid all the potions you'd made. You gave that guy in Bree all your money. That guy trying to learn how to play his lute."

"I gave someone all my money?"


Tome Chick:
Stupid bleed-through. When it becomes a lens through which you see other things. That's the point you might need to get out. It's one thing to pique my interest in the books and the movies, but why am I thinking in these terms now, here, sitting in front of this theater with Trevor, looking at a stick in the road?

Haha, I know exactly what thats like. I was joking around with a friend of mine a while back. He said something to which I replied "I'm going to beat your ass for saying that". We responded by explaining which WoW spells he was going to use in order to defeat me... something like "yeah, well, you take a swing and I'll blow evasion, cold blood, a couple of sinister strikes and finish you with a 5 point eviscerate." I didn't bother explaining to that he sounded insane.

MMOs make you crazy. I love it.

Did you invent the phrase "bleed-through," Tom? I love it. There is so much bleed-through here in Themis HQ that it's become part of our daily lives.

I once explained corporate matrix organization by suggesting that the departments were guilds, while the project teams were instance groups.

He's not kidding. It brings new meaning to the word "grind." But the loot drops are pretty impressive.

Continually great stuff. I don't play any MMORPGs, but I do understand the draw .. and the bleed-through of course. Burnout Bleedthrough is some dangerous stuff, especially when you work a block from the Police Station and had a thumb mashing bender over lunchtime.


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