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Business ventures like this are interesting to read about, but unfortunately they're not terribly inspiring - most of us don't have the money necessary to start up a business and run it full-time without coming up with a product to sell very quickly.

What is your background, business-wise? What have you done, previously, that put you into the situation where you're up to the task of building a game publisher backwards?

Actually, we don't have the money either, Bongo Bill. All of us are working at least two full jobs at the moment. I'm working a 9-5 job managing and improving the processes of a line of business for a book distributor, putting in crazy hours on PJ's Attic and I'm under contract to write News for the Escapist and game stories for Pogo. I'm also available locally for storytelling gigs if you're in the northeastern United States.

If all goes well, we hope to be able to transition me to full time on the Attic and various creative contracts by the end of the year. Otherwise, we'll be using our first project to bring in clients who could benefit from our unique approach to storytelling and going full time as our budget allows.

Our business background is pretty varied. Our COO has an extensive background managing teams and large projects for a variety of business including IBM and Best Buy. Our new Director of Marketing has worked for high tech firms, web content firms, and more traditional businesses in the world of financial management. I'm a true jack of all trades, with experience in IT, improvisation, design, animation and service.

So, we're three people with big dreams, a lot of plans, and the sense to take it one step at a time.

I kinda do find it inspiring, awe-inspiring at least, My home life would go down the tubes really quickly if I tried to run a company and work full time at another. How do significant others feel about all the time at work?

I think your approach to starting this business is well thought out and well researched. With this solid foundation, your success is guaranteed! I applaud your ability to balance both home and work. You all must have very robust lives. I imagine your expertise in storytelling helps to bring richness to all aspects of yours, your families and your partners lives.Can't wait to see and read more!

Tom, we're very fortunate that all of our significant others are equally passionate and driven about their projects. We also make certain to schedule concrete blocks of time every week where family is the exclusive focus.

Mumsuch, thanks!


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