Gaming on the Orient Express

Gaming on the Orient Express

"The game ticks all the boxes required by the arthouse games movement: innovative gameplay with a fresh slant on an old genre, an original graphical approach and a sophisticated, adult story and theme. So why isn't it better known?" Nick Bousfield looks at Jordan Mechner's 1997 masterpiece, The Last Express.


Excellent article.

I play this game every now and then, and it's really amazing.

Every time I finish it, a tear drops from my eyes. More than a game, it's a whole adventure, a whole history of characters, lives, and so on.

Thank you!

I really want this game now. Screw Crysis, I'm getting The Last Express this season! :)

Truly a shame.

I played this one on Gametap! FREAKING AWESOME!
Only problem is, I would have had no idea how to play it without a walkthrough. Even with the walkthrough, it's a bit difficult and fun to play.

I love the fight scenes. They're nice and noir-like, with the perfect level of interactivity.

Love the game, its one of my all time favorites. It has atmosphere like no other. The only thing I wish for would be to at the end of the game - freeformingly being able to cross jump in your own history, reliving old scenes.
But I am not sure its for the masses, or so sales would show. All the unique games I have played have been made by gaming studios that now have closed their doors, I guess mainstream kill ingenuity.

This is the only game I own that's remained on my hard drive for ten years and through three computers. I've kept the box and contents in mint condition for ten years - not because I want to sell it but because of the reverence I hold for this game. It plays as well on WindowsXP as it did on Windows95.

I also own the soundtrack CD and the strategy guide.

In my view this has to be one of the best computer games ever made. It might be short in terms of the game's actual length, and the artwork and stop-motion graphics take a little getting used to, but it's unmatched in terms of the setting, the atmosphere and the emotional involvement it elicits in the player. I've never completed it yet without weeping as the credits roll.

gott in himmel! I just played this game and it makes me angry! Why? Because it's one of those games that snaps you out of your stupor and makes you realize the potential of this medium; that video games can and should be *fun* (remember fun?) and can even be transcendent--like a great book. Yes the graphics are dated, but even so the games today don't even approach this level of immersion. Where are the genius auteurs that used to roam the gaming world like a pride of lions? Seems like they were all replaced by corporate hacks whose only vision is to copy other hacks. Jordan Mechner, if you're out there, come back! We need you!

"Conductor? Could you open my door please?"

I'm glad to hear it plays well on XP.

I plan on getting my hands on "The Last Express" asap.

This sounds like an excellent mis between narrative and gameplay, as also recently mentioned by Gamsutra here:

I actually have heard of this game. But I also love Myst with a passion.


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