Suspend My Disbelief

Suspend My Disbelief

"The benchmark of a good film or book - for me - is if it evokes some kind of emotion. As an industry, we've got excitement down. It's time to rethink some basic assumptions if we ever hope to grow beyond that." Dana Massey looks at a wider gaming experience.


An interesting idea: a game consisting of a well written script, with many paths to divulge from the main storyline, all while having fist-gripping atmosphere.
My friend, you ask for the god of all games. ;)
But I see entirely where you're comming from, though a tall order - I don't think such a thing is ENTIRELY impossible, and it's never too late for improvement in the market.

I think studios like Quantic Dream are trying just for this. Giving games are more realistic look with movie-like dramatics. A game like, Fahrenheit (aka Indigo Prophecy), atleast for me really stirred up your emotion with a combination of the storylines, actors, and events. With a gameplay system that didn't really pull you away from the immersion. What the company has shown of Heavy Rain engine demo it has a lot of potentional to do the same again and even better. Only the future will tell.


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