I Left My Heart in Rubacava

I Left My Heart in Rubacava

N. Evan Van Zelfden remembers what it was like to visit Rubacava and wonders what it would be like to return again some day.


jeh, interesting article, time ago i dont play grim fandamgo, by copy doesnt work anymore, it was a fu game and the artwork was a really important part of it,i think the only thing that Rubacaba lacked was a neigborhood or something that could give us a idea of where the souls sleeps there.

it would be insteresting see anther game with such art like grim fandango had

It is comforting to see that there exists like-minded individuals, however few, that share my opinion of Grim Fandango not only being the greatest piece of art that the medium of gaming has ever seen, but that it also stands firmly amongst the ranks of the greatest pieces of any medium that this generation has seen.

This article was poetically written and a pleasure to read.

Awesome article, philosophy, architecture and videogames

Does anyone know, has Lucasarts release Grim Fandango on any services like Steam or Direct2Drive? I do remember this game's release, but being in 7th grade and not having money of my own to spend, I requested Playstation games from birthday/Christmas that year. I still regret never having snapped up a copy when available.

My only hope now is Steam or Impulse or the others. Maybe even GoodOldGames.com.

I'm glad I stumbled across this article. It really made me remember the things that I loved so much about this amazing game. I really should fire this one up again in the near future; it was one of the finest, most entertaining, most thought-provoking, and most subtly philosophical pieces of media I've ever experienced. I first played this game at the age of 8, and I can honestly say that it has enriched my creativity, and will continue to influence my imagination for life. It's a piece of art that's actually had an indelible impact on me, and I'm just so thankful that I was lucky enough to play such an absolute masterpiece, and that I wasn't simply one of the unfortunate many who overlooked it.

Man I miss Grim Fandango. I keep trying to re-install it but I think that CD's scratched for good.
I always remember this game fondly. Part of my childhood. It was the last adventure game I ever played. It's also the game that elevated video games in the eyes of my parents as well. They had a sneak preview while installing it for me and they had a good laugh at the story and the wry humor. To them video games were violent 8-bit things up to that point.


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