A Question of Manners

A Question of Manners

When it comes down to it, gamers and those that lobby against games are never going to agree. Spanner has a solution.


This is a pretty damn old article. 2006--almost 3 years has passed, and we have gone nowhere with the debate.
Well..one of these days, I guess. The demographic is shifting, gaming is becoming more acceptable in some places, and governments are at least pretending to do some study of it. So many violent cases cited to be due to behavior related to gaming, where both proponents and opponents sound equally idiotic.

I guess someone had to spell it out, but is this really a remarkable insight? "No matter what you believe, be a well-behaved person." Um...yes. That's sort of the foundation of all pluralistic societies.

And being that, it really isn't a solution to any problems. All it takes is one defense lawyer or mother blaming a video game or movie for the behavior of their chosen psycho because they're trying to relocate the blame for their lunatic behavior, and it doesn't matter how nice the rest of us are. Fear is as easy to encourage as an erection in a society that has nothing better to do than scare itself. And as long as games are on the moral and artistic cutting edge, they're going to be fodder for fear-mongers.

Being really nice guys isn't going to stop legislators from banning things. They don't care if we're nice - they've demonized the product, and it's too easy to do that. We have to become more politically aware and active. That's the only way to keep our hobby safe. Otherwise we'll just be smiling and shaking the same hands signing our fun away.


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