Childhood Lost

Childhood Lost

"In our society, it's all about the new and exciting, the shiny and freshly wrapped, the ones with the multi-million dollar marketing campaign attached to them." Tom Rhodes almost left behind his childhood games, but changed his mind.


True, I have the first Gameboy gamer I ever got still, Pacman. I can remember waiting for the school bus to come and cursing when it did because I had just eaten all the ghosts and had a few more dots to eat. I plan to keep that forever.

Three years ago I did a little expo of Video Game history at my high school.. I had my Game Cube, my N64, my SNES (and a NES that one of my professors allowed me to include in my booth)

It was lots of fun, ppl from school gaming there, old games. A sense of nostalgia in all of our souls.

I remember a senior student offered to purchase the N64 and the Mario Kart, and any games I would be willing to sell. Back then I was gathering money for the Wii, which is why I considered the offer for about 10 seconds. Then I looked over to the place where everyone was having a good time remembering their old times with those games.

I turned round: Look, no offense, but I can't.

And yes, OoT is one of those games you HAVE to play. It was the first N64 game I played, over at a friend's... had an incredibly strong impact on the little kid I was back then.


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