Three Days in Arcadia

Three Days in Arcadia

Some games can envelope the player, drawing them completely into another world for a short, but intense, time. Tom Rhodes tells us of his recurring affair with The Longest Journey, while taking a look at game censhorship, violence, and art along the way.


Maybe my Firefox is acting up, but pages 2 and 3 of the article seem to be cut off short. Damn shame, too, cause it is a great piece of writing...

same problem here, please fix it!

Thanks for the heads up on this - some articles didn't get properly formatted when the were transferred to the new layout. Should be good to go now.

This. All of it. Every single word, thought and subtext in those three pages. This is a piece of writing that needs to be backed up, backed up yet again and displayed somewhere prominent for the next few decades so it can be shared with a changing and evolving audience. Simply because it holds truth that remains true and right throughout even the changes that are inevitably coming both to the audience and the world of gaming in general.

That's a fantastic article.


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