Then and Now

Then and Now

"The only things that seem to be dragging along are the perceptions of females as gamers and as professionals within the game development industry." Danielle Vanderlip, Assistant Community Manager for Shadowbane, relates her experiences entering the industry.


I see a huge rise in female gamer population nowadays everywhere I go. None of them are interested in getting into the industry, but at least more are open to the idea that gaming is not strictly for guys.
I have a bachelor in Physics, and I can say that my class has a very nice half-half split between the two genders. Most of the girls are very good at operating sophisticated machines. Sure, none of them care the least bit about art or programming (unless it is squirrel related.) but at least they know how to if they ever want to.
At least in Thailand, where the video game (and all tech related businesses) industry is very new, there are virtually no gender bias at industry level. The field is open for anyone to join at the moment, although cultural bias is very strong against female picking up programming. To be honest though, anything that doesn't require you to go to business school, premed or prelaw is frowned upon for both male and female anyway.


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