The Conquest of Origin

The Conquest of Origin

Founded in 1983, Origin was one of the great computer game developers of the era. In 1992, they were acquired by EA, and in 2004 they were shut down entirely. Allen Varney looks at The Conquest of Origin.


Sorry for bringing up such an old article but I just had to, it was a real enlightment on this whole issue. I never actually played any game of the main series of Ultima, only the MMORPG - hell I only realized that UO was based on a whole series years after playing it - but I've always heard good things about it and Origin.

So these days I finally started playing them, beggining with Ultima VII, and got curious as to how and why Origin sold out to EA, thankfully I found this article on google.

I gotta say, even though it's stated on the article, even by people from Origin, that they too were guilty for some of the errors, after reading it I just felt like saying "FUCK YOU EA"

Man did they destroyed that company, I wonder how many classics we, players, lost because of their greed.

And seeing the guys that gave us Ultima, Ultima Online, Deus Ex, System Shock, Thief, etc. making web-based cheap mmos and mickey mouse games is just sad. The industry badly needs these guys to come back on their feet.

More people should see this article. Shines some light on what's happening with BioWare at the moment too.

Yup, good article pertaining to recent events...


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