Our Games Are Built On Paper

Our Games Are Built On Paper

It all started with pencils and dice. Allen Varney takes a look at the heavy influence pen and paper gaming has had on modern video games, and at the strong presence of former pen and paper designers at all levels of the industry.


I enjoyed this article. I to believe tabletop RPGs does allow for a larger variety of gaming types (despite the fact one system reigns supreme in pen and paper). Tabletop RPGs are like short films. Typically made on a shoe string budget, won't be seen by a large audience, and chock full of elitist know-it-all types (yo!). Just like the short films, a large portion of pen and paper RPGs adventures aren't good. As long as something is learned from the experience that's okay. However, I think a problem that exists both video game and the tabletop RPG is stagnation and the darn acceptance of this stagnation. Maybe I'm is the minority here of those who enjoy RPGs, but it seems that both groups enjoy doing the same old routine with the games. You start as a weakling who spends a great deal of time battle pests now often lampshaded in better games on fighting rats until your reach enough power to explore around and dungeon crawl (with the level grinding). You have cursory relationships with the NPCs some of which you might even remember their names including villains that your character stop because well their evil and your the heroes. Both video games and tabletops enjoy this game play whether it be the typical sword and sorcery or sci-fi fantasy.
My point is, as weak as it seems, is table top RPGers feel free to experiment more than I have seen but don't try to invent a new trope just because it as never been before (a little hint, it has and it didn't work that time). Push yourself further in your gaming experience because like the article mentions some tabletop RPG gamers move on to video game RPG makers. I for one don't want to take on the role of a teen-aged, angst filled, sword-wielding warrior who destined to save the world by killing thousands of rats and imps complaining about his life the whole way.

I'm still working on my voice for my comments, so bare with me.


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