1: When Gamers Rule the World

When Gamers Rule the World

The first generation of gamers, the pioneers, have grown up and begun to spawn a second generation. JR takes a fanciful look at the day when the new gaming generation, including his own son, grows up and takes power.


That was a great article, that made (at the end) some great points. The earler part was funny, scary, and thoughtful.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's been some time since I read it myself. Seeing things like how gamers have united against what they perceive to be injustices against them really makes me think that there is more to this article than when I originally wrote it.

Gamers banding together to make sure that Jack Thompson's claims are shown to be inaccurate, or when Cooper Lawrence came under heavy backlash from a unified front of gamers who showed what a motivated, almost zealous group can do in a short time on the internet. These are the examples that make the article start to become even more relevant.

Who will be the Gamer Party's first candidate?

Whether or not Gamers are the subculture to conquer politics and the world, I just want someone to put a cap on how old a Prime Minister can be... I'm sick of 2-feet-in-the-grave old farts dictating law for the current generation.

...I just want someone to put a cap on how old a Prime Minister can be... I'm sick of 2-feet-in-the-grave old farts dictating law for the current generation.

Hear hear! though the only people who want to seem to do those jobs are the people who want the privileges and not the responsibility (there's always exceptions, I'm sure...), and old people are, while they do have experience according to their life lived, we have to live with their decisions. Perhaps a youths seat in government, from like the 16 - 21 year old standpoint? (though it's debatable as to how much they'll get heard...)

Back to united gamers - as much as we like to drag each other down and bag out on each other's different consoles, when faced with a common enemy, we forget our petty differences and bag them out instead, (most of the time)with (reasonably) intelligent responses.

The more serious side of this article is all the ore fascinating if you connect it to the fact that "gamers" is becoming "everyone." As Penny Aracade said, the next generation of gamers is the greatest generation.

The Gamer gen is perfect for government... We range in ages of early fourties down to late twenties. Any older and really how can you relate to real life issues, any younger and it'll turn the government into XBox Live Chat.

I myself truly would try for government, but the biggest problem I face is the Canadian political party system... There isn't a party I could agree with, and independent parties never win. I'd make a great Prime Minister, I'm a veteran of many (digital) wars and I know plenty about (simulated city) economics.

A great read. Very entertaining and thoughtful :)

There's no link in your article to any particular long-term research that demonstrates your main point about gamers having such improvements over the ordinary population. If something is that critical to your article, please show it to us or at least state whose research it was. I'm certainly interested in the details, and I'd expect others are as well.

Your argument misses the point of the growing issues of bad posture, early degradation of eyesight and obesity attributed to increasingly sedentary lifestyles (spent gaming or otherwise) and thus not finding time to stand up, exercise and see the world at long distances. If this particular inside-entertainment subculture did truly come to dominate, then I'd argue that it wouldn't just be a factor for the physical improvement for the human race, but also a weakening. Of course, on the intellectual front, you implied the variety of great thinkers and complete idiots in our subculture, which was fair enough.

I enjoyed the piece as sci-fi, though, and it's obvious that you did as well. Writing for fun and getting published must be nice. I'll have to try that here sometime, given an opportunity.


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