105: EverQuest Strikes Back

EverQuest Strikes Back

"By E3 of last year, it was time to cash in. Confident after shipping an LOTR game, Martins spent May 2006 on the show floor, bothering anyone with intellectual property he could entice into an online trading card game deal. Even Will Wright was enthusiastically day dreaming about a Spore-themed TCG during closed door demos for his game. Martins' persistence paid off in an unexpected way. After storming the gates of the closed Sony Online Entertainment show booth, he was surprised by SOE head John Smedley's response. "Smed," as he's called in the industry, wanted to buy Martins' company."

David Thomas speaks to the men who want to sell you a virtual card, for real money.

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This reminds me, in many ways, of an all-online CCG I encountered some years ago. Went by the name of Cardmaster Conflict, and it starred generic but well-loved science-fantasy tropes plus characters from various webcomics (mainly those by the person who made the game). You'd want to look to this, I think, for an example of how to make an online CCG work, because I remember this thing being pretty popular.

CCG's are the one part of the hobby that I simply can't even begin to understand.

It seems sort of like chess where you pay for every piece. And then you can have a Queeny-Bishop-Rook that can move 19 squares on one side.

But you're King still gets flattened in 4 moves.

I know people who have spent over a thousand pounds on it. And now no longer play it.

I don't think I've drank that much money?

What to understand? Its fun.

Personally i am only interested in the game. I will quite happily print out the cards and push them into slips (thats little clear plastics card sized bits of plastic to everyone else). I couldn't care less about owning a particular card. The artwork is not even that important to me - just a way to recognise the cards faster.

Thats why i enjoy playing the games on free alternatives - no money required to play.

Now why do i play online nto face to face? Because i can't play face to face when ever i want thats why! The reason for online gaming is you can play whenever you want.


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