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Richard Garfield

"'I was very wary of becoming the creator who had to control everything, that despised business concerns, and ended up killing his creation or being forced out by rational minds. - I am not sure where this attitude came from, but it has served me well. I guess maybe it comes partially from understanding that it is very easy to believe something and be wrong - so when you have responsibility, it is important to constantly re-evaluate those beliefs and really listen to those that differ.'"

Allen Varney speaks to Richard Garfield, creator of Magic.


While the article has given me a love for Mr. Garfield as well as a validation of my magic playing years, its given me a new addiction as well. I casually wandered into Quadradius to see what thrilled Mr. Garfield only to find crack cocaine. That game is addictive! It fits right into the criteria from the article about German board games in this same issue. Thanks for the article, I have two new loves.

I'm a bit of a Richard Garfield fanboy. Magic, Netrunner, and RoboRally are among my favourite games of any type. I'm going to have to check out the games mentioned in the article now...

I'm a bit of a Richard Garfield fanboy.

Me too. I have been for years. In fact, my face lit up when I saw an article entitled merely "Richard Garfield"... because nothing else really need be said. I've played magic off and on since it first came out, and while occasionally a block will come out that will throw me offbalance (Time Spiral for example - the first set was neat, from a old timer's perspective, but the rest was too bizarre), I adore the basic game design - the pieces that Richard Garfield designed, the Color Wheel, and the Mana System that's been brutalized by other TCGs

Good article btw, sorry, I just needed to Gush >.> *Pulls two islands off the table.*


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