E3 2007: Sony Takes a Knee

E3 2007: Sony Takes a Knee

There was a dead possum in the gutter.

The short walk from where the shuttle buses dropped us off and Sony's studio in Culver City was about three blocks, and halfway there I saw it. It was a possum. And I was pretty sure it was dead.

I could have poked it just to be sure, but the smell was a fairly definitive statement. This possum wasn't playing; it was dead.

My first reaction was to feel sorry for the poor critter. My second was to think that someone from Sony should have been more careful than to leave such a dangerous metaphor lying around on their big day.


Echochrome sounds really interesting. Was there any indication as to whether it was aimed at being a downloadable title or full retail release?

Games like Crush and Echochrome might get me to buy a slim PSP when they come out in September.

Is it that much slimmer? I saw some pics, and couldn't notice much of a difference.

Is it that much slimmer? I saw some pics, and couldn't notice much of a difference.

It's thinner and lighter, but the 'front' didn't see much of a change. Honestly, size wasn't on the list of issues I had with the PSP to begin with. The faster UMD drive is a nice update, but I'd be far more interested if they announced a PSP with an additional 30% battery life.

I thought they've said the slim has "improved" battery life? I'm not sure by how much, though.

They said it was improved, but gave no further detail on it. Since they didn't trumpet the number, which they probably would if it was a major increase, I have to assume that they couldn't make the improvement sound impressive enough.

I (and many other gamers) felt that the highlight of the Sony presentation was the eye-popping MGS4 trailer. Why no mention of that, Russ? :P

Very few details on the specs of the new PSP, and I can't recall hearing how Echochrome would be distributed. They were pretty vague on details at Sony.


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