E3 2007: General Garriott, I Presume

E3 2007: General Garriott, I Presume

Chances are, if you enjoy even a passing interest in MMOGs, you know Richard Garriott. You know Lord British, his online alter-ego from Ultima Online, is a name he takes seriously. So when he walked into the presentation room in which I was sitting in sci-fi military regalia - with a beret and black cowboy boots and spurs - and introduced himself as General British, I had to stand up and salute.


So. Am I wrong when I assume that TR is going to be PS3 only? Didn't NCSoft and Sony just sign a deal? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

You're wrong. It's PC-only, as far as I'm aware.

NCSoft did announce a deal with Sony, but exclusivity in reference to consoles generally ignores PC versions (and often other console generations, or even handhelds). All their agreement means is that if Tabula Rasa, or any other NCSoft title, releases a console version it will only appear on the PS3.

They'll continue to release and publish PC games regardless of the deal - just don't expect to see their properties on the Xbox360 or Wii.


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