107: The Illuminated Ones

The Illuminated Ones

"With BioShock still close to release, Thomas is reticent to talk about specifics of his work, even though it rests even more heavily on lighting theory. 'Suffice it to say that my section of the game is an attempt to generate a sort of surrealistic dread, leaning heavily on the sense that the player is on a stage, and some of the key tropes that people associate with the artificial, exaggerated atmosphere of a theater production are constantly active around you.'"

Kieron Gillen speaks to Jordan Thomas about lighting effects, level design and Bioshock.


Wow, Jordan Thomas might just be the brightest (pun intended) voice I've heard on game design since the Warren Specter series seen here.

I've had my time tooling around with Maya and a ton of assorted SDKs, map editors, engines and the like. Lighting is crucial. But take Mr. Thomas' ideas to the whole of developing a game (lighting, sound, character development, storyline, etc.) and i think you may have a brilliant title in your hands.


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