The Escapist Q4 2007 Editorial Calendar Announced

The Escapist Q4 2007 Editorial Calendar Announced

Team Humidor, the faithful editors of The Escapist, has been sweating for weeks over what we hope will be the best collection of issues about games and gaming yet.

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For the lazy :)

Pitch DateIssueTopicDescription
07/16/07117Living the DreamNon-developer industry jobs, and the dreamers who've found them.
07/23/07118The Crowd Goes WildSports games and you.
07/30/07119Making their MarkCompanies that did it their way.
08/13/07121Social StudiesA serious look at serious games.
08/20/07122Once Upon a TimeThe art of story telling, the stories that built games and the games that tell stories.
08/27/07123Whole New DoorFrom developer to distributor to you: How games get out and who makes it happen.
09/03/07124Editor's ChoiceOur favorite off-topic stories, in no particular order.
09/10/07125ConventioneeringGame conventions, the people who make them and the people who make them their lives.
09/17/07126Under the TreeHoliday Gaming
09/24/07127Wii Are the Champions?News from the console war front.
10/01/07128Play to PayAdvergaming, ARGs and target-marketed content.
n/a129Best OfThe Best of The Escapist
10/15/07130The Way We PlayVideogames are only the tip of a very old iceberg.


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