Magic Numbers

Magic Numbers

The Escapist is proud to present Magic Numbers, the first in a series of game designs from Scott Jon Siegel. Magic Numbers is a game of good, evil and putting one over on your friends:

"When designing Magic Numbers, I opted to focus less on technical complexity and more on approachability. I wanted a dice game based around uncertainty (not knowing the results of your roll), but also around hidden information (your opponents not knowing how your roll affects you)."


Thank you for such an incredible creation.

I've been looking for a dice game to use within my D&D campaign, and was really happy to find one so interesting, intricate, and yet simple enough that it could be picked up by players quickly, and with a minimum of rules to bog down an already rules-heavy game as D&D is.

I'm really curious how it might work with different varieties of die that are more prevalent in a D&D setting also, like d4, d8, d10, d12, d20... ? Or, what if players were allowed to choose differing, or even multiple die?

I'll try to come back and add any alternative variants that work in our sessions.

Your creation seems to have lots of potential - thanks again!


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