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-I did not have as much trouble with most of the platforming as most did, but I will admit that the Meat Circus was annoying. Stupid escort missions. But, the one place that I never knew what I was supposed to do was those metal grates. Because Evil Dad was menacingly floating in the middle with his juggling, I kept trying to stay on the outside, or get on the top of them and run up them quickly so I could dodge. Big mistake... Once I started just jumping to the inside, no more problems. Question to the group: Did anyone ever get caught in the rising water while they were on that last ladder? When it takes the dip back towards the water, my heart just started racing, and I wanted to know if they planned it, or if it was possible to lose even once you were on the ladder.

I'm on the final level of the PC version of Psychonauts, and those evil burning metal grates keep murdering me. Could you give any advice to help (especially as to WHY I can't double-jump?) thanks!

I now have an excuse to finish it after buying it for sale on Steam a while back.


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