Takedown: Red Sabre Takes a Tactical Approach

Takedown: Red Sabre Takes a Tactical Approach

Takedown: Red Sabre is looking to break the shooter mold in more ways than one.

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I must say that all that reminds me of the older Rainbow Six games. The only thing it's missing is setting up the AI and your teammate actions when playing solo. It was fun making those plans and even more fun to pull them off flawlessly. I fondly remember making two people from my team to take the back entrance right as I breached the front. Then they got stuck in/at the door. >.< For the most part the lack of regenerating health might hurt those who are used to ducking behind a wall and waiting to charge again. It's been said and will be said again; people praising realism in a game shouldn't be happy with regen health. Still having it being true to form, most games would end quickly if one shot from a large caliber rifle can kill almost anyone. I'll be watching for more information on this game. Seems the developers want their game to stand out amongst the various shooters. Not trying to surpass them, but make their own path.

I would really like to see where this goes. It's been a while since I've seen a slow methodical online shooter. Beats bullet spam and grenades everywhere. Some of my fondest memories were playing the original Ghost Recon as a wee gamer and being all smiles when none of my team members got killed in single player.


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