109: Still Creating Cool Stuff

Still Creating Cool Stuff

"Starting with id in 1992 as an artist, Cloud has worked side-by-side with original artist Adrian Carmack on the original Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Quake and most of the installments of both blockbuster franchises since.

"These days however, as co-owner of the company that Doom built, Cloud has taken more of a management role, overseeing multiple cross-platform production teams hard at work on Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, coordinating with longtime id partner Raven on a sequel to Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and producing a new title they can't yet talk about. Small wonder he considers a chance to actually make art for a game 'relaxing.'"

Russ Pitts talks to id Software's Kevin Cloud.

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Kevin Cloud:
How do I bring that together? How do I find people who are in the same skill range, localize events and put in a tournament range where I might be competitive? It's something that you see in sports: My son plays soccer and he loves soccer, but if he played against the high school team he probably wouldn't like soccer any more. He would get beat. But you don't have that as easily in the game world right now.

Actually, we have that in the game world. It's called Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne on Battle.net. The automatic matchmaking system gets ridiculously good at pairing you up with similarly skilled after only a few games. As a result 99% of the War3 games I play are extremely close and extremely enjoyable.


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