Review: Overlord

Review: Overlord

After playing about a dozen high fantasy games, full of orcs, elves and dwarves; watching twice as many movies of the same ilk; and reading twice as many books, a game in which one of your first missions is to raid a hobbit village, send your teeming horde of minions through the little hobbit holes, set fire to Bag End and slaughter the unwary little bastards as their high-pitched cries for help fade on the wind opens up a whole new place in your heart.

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The game this most reminded me of, in terms of gameplay was Pikmin for the Gamecube. I'm not very far into Overload, just did the very first section, but I'm pleased with what I see.

You can also *cough* acquire browns by killing peasants.

(Oh, and you can move the camera manually: hold the left bumper and then move the right joystick. Also, to zoom the camera out to a more overhead view, click the right joystick. My first four or five hours would have been even more fun than they were if someone had told me that before I started playing the game.)

I loved Pikmin and Pikmin 2, so unsurprisingly enough, I also love Overlord.

Overlord is one of those rare games that gets the humor just right. It's surprising that you don't mention this, as it stands out so much from the games that take themselves too seriously inappropriately, those that fail in their attempts at humor and those that are unintentionally funny.

Secondly, the control method on PC is infinitely better. Mouse dragging paths for your minions is the first time I have seen such an input method used, and it works really well. The connection between the 2d mouse path and the 3d world is executed really well. It's similar to the 'trueswing' idea in some golf games (in turn borrowed from snooker simulations).

Based on the review, this sounds like my kind of game.

The PC version of Overlord is on Gametap, oddly enough. I downloaded it last night, and I plan to take it for a whirl once I stop replaying the Bioshock demo on the 360.

Ajar: You can zoom out? Oh man, now I have to try the demo again. Wait, they released this already?

I really liked the demo, despite certain roughnesses-about-the-edges that I wasn't entirely convinced was purely because it wasn't released yet. I've been waiting for a proper parody game for so long that there's no way I can pass it up. It was the peasants in the town by the halfling farms that sold me.

(I hate to nitpick but there's a typo on the second page, and halfway down: you put "game" instead of "gave" as in "gave me controller-throwing fits")

I've finished the PC version of Overlord and had a blast, once I got it running that is. There is something with the copy protection that just doesn't like some systems. Not sure if they fixed it with the latest patch or not.


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