110: The Future is Vicious

The Future is Vicious

"'It's really hard to judge games neck-and-neck,' he says. 'When we look at children's games vs. hard core games that have all the time, budget and manpower, it's really hard to say ... Dora isn't as good as Halo - because it's not Halo. Everyone wants to play Halo and review Halo, but Dora was made for 4-year-olds. Unless you can watch a 4-year-old play, maybe you shouldn't be reviewing the game.'"

Russ Pitts speaks with Vicious Cycle's Eric Peterson.

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It's nice to have an article relevant to the devloper side of the spectrum from time to time.
I didn't know about the Vicious Engine.
It has very nice features, but I saw a black spot in their sheet list, as apparently, the framerate is capped at 30 fps.
That's for the first incarnation of the engine. The VE² looks promising!

From what I understand, most of the construction flows through an intuitive interface where you pick and choose your script behaviours, from one window, and apply them to your scene, objects or characters.

This is very similar to two other middleware engines, such as Virtools, and Stone Trip's (nothing to do with stoner) Shiva Tool Kit.

Have you heard about them?


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