111: Mommy, Where Do Fanboys Come From?

Mommy, Where Do Fanboys Come From?

"However, as the recent debates over the PlayStation 3 have illustrated, a console is a significant purchase for most consumers. Few teenagers have access to the amount of money required to purchase multiple consoles. While the experience on each console may be roughly equivalent, the disc formats on each console are proprietary. The high cost of the console to the consumer must be amortized over a large number of games, and publishers tend to abandon any console without a large user base. Those who have already purchased a console have a vested interest in the believing it will continue to remain viable in the market, and even have a motivation to convince others of the fact, evangelizing their purchase."

Charles Wheeler asks the question, "Where do Fanboys Come From?"

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Beside the final statement "At the end of the day, a fanboy is simply somebody who is deeply passionate about games, something we're all guilty of" I love this article. Haha.

A fan-boy doesn't have to be passionate about games but simply a console, or ONE game in particular. I've friends that, once hooked on San Andreas, haven't stopped playing it - to them it's the world. Fan-boy yes, gamer no - at least - I'd rather they NOT be associated with the term "gamer" who I would pray has an acceptance of a wide variety of games.

Not sure if I've made a valid point, though I'm going to continue. "Deeply passionate" I associate with someone that, as you've previously stated, hordes knowledge. From chat board conversations and flame-wars that "I" associate with "fan-boy" it doesn't appear many have knowledge - it's more a, stealing Yahtzee's words, "demented honking" with little to no thought at all. The statement "PS3 sux0rz, 360 iz l337" is the kind of intelligence I associate with fan-boy.

On a more personal note, and to completely contradict my own statement. I call myself a Sony fan-boy and will vigorously defend the PS3 and PSP systems - but when it comes down to it, I'd prefer to play the 360...


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