Zero Punctuation: Psychonauts

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TheLostSkeleton, I'm running Firefox and have no such problems viewing the video. Hm. Interesting.

I Couldn't make it work in firefox (inc. IE tab), switched to IE to see it.

sharp, et al: We've been investigating the Flash slowdown issue. It's true that some of the flash-heavy ads we've been running lately cause a hit (not anything like 98%, but a hit) and we're looking at what to do about that. Those are delivered to us as-is by the respective developers so if you feel compelled to hate on anyone, blame Garriot.

In the mean time we're looking at how to ease the situation, or if it's even possible, barring rejecting ads that bunk the site. If we come up with anything, we'll let you know.

I expect a full written apology for causing me pain even though I played the game. =(

Played Psychonauts, loved it.

Can you please,please,please do a bit on Beyond Good & Evil?

It's funny that the recent reviews were Bioshock and Psychonauts, because that's exactly the two games I've been playing in the last two weeks or so. I got Bioshock on Steam, because otherwise the delivery would take ages, and seen as I've installed Steam for Bioshock anyway, buying Psychonauts as well was a logical step to make.

Current situation: I've finished Psychonauts, but about in the middle of Bioshock. This indicates rather well which of the two games is more immersing and less tedious. The Zero Punctuation reviews have it spot on - there was no criticism, because Psychonauts has almost no weak points, not because the author haven't tried hard enough. I'm an experienced gamer, and in my opinion it almost competes with Planescape: Torment for the title of best game ever made.

As for Bioshock, I'm playing it on hard mode and loading every time I die rather than exploiting the vitachambers, and it's *still* too easy. You would expect at least some ammo shortage or something, but no, there's enough ammo to kill all the Big Daddies several times over. Sigh. Anyway, both reviews were dead on. Thanks for being so accurate.

I completely agree. Psychonauts is a great, mesmerizing game. While Raz is a strong character the situation he gets in (The Milkman, anyone) are enough to support the good storyline. Even the enmity with his father gets a minigame. Great review for a great game.

Thanks for the nice, accurate review. I played the game quite awhile back- very entertaining.

I would agree with the point made about adventure games if they in turn didn't feel like playing a movie. I'd rather play a game or watch a movie then participate in some half-assed attempt at both.

Not that games with good stories are bad, but gameplay should always be the most important thing.

I did the pen thing, and it hurt like hell... only when I was informed that it was punishment for not buying Psychonauts did I realize that a grave injustice had been laid upon me. I bought Psychonauts, completed it twice (oddly enough, my keyboard suffered a hardware failure during the "Meat Circus" level both times through), and finally gifted it to my brother so he could also experience what this game had to offer.

But then I realized that for every person just like me there was probably ten idiots wearing "Halo" t-shirts who consider "The Darkening" to be the epitome of storytelling and gameplay who got exactly what they deserved. As I have already remapped my keyboard to compensate for my now maimed left hand I rest easy at night that they'll never be able to throw a grenade in Halo 2 again.


Ouch! But I DID buy Psychonauts!

Thank you. Watching this video put me over the edge and I finally decided to get this game. And I really must say thank you. This game is so fun and original you really don't care for the sometimes bad platforming (sometimes it's hard to gauge your jumps and the regular attacks kinda suck cause you can't move when doing them). All the unique characters and the plot just makes it all worth it. And it really is funny. In a smart sort of way not the desperate, low brow sort of way.

So he's right. If you don't get this game you deserve to cripple yourself. I looked through 3 Gamestops before I finally found it and it was worth it.

SEX... as in playing it seems to be akin to the aforementioned activity. (bwahaha >;D)

Not that you would care much, but i just bought psychonauts. Thx for the review, i was looking for an innovative game to play.

TheLostSkeleton, no use complaining to The Escapist if your browser is completely messed up. Works fine in Opera.

At the end you if you look really closely in the center it reads "Written by a bottle of cough syrup and". It almost looks like a watermark. What's after the "and" Yahtzee?

Gospel which requires preaching.
FPS isn't bad on itself.
Any genre whence grown repetitive, non innovative and caters to dull minded fanatics need be wrangled up and sent back to the shop until something with a touch of creativity comes out.

This is now what I send to my friends when I want to convince them to play Psychonauts. I'm glad you did point out some flaws in the game, since I often get too dazzled by the shiny to think clearly -- although one thing you didn't mention was the menu, which was cute and thematic but not very intuitive.

After seeing this review I had to go and look at the rest, which are hilarious and acerbically insightful and pretty much made my day. Here comes the shameless begging: do you think you will ever, ever be able to review Planescape: Torment? I know The Escapist is the one that hands out the assignments, but Torment deserves attention -- and a good, critical eye.

Anyway, thanks for an awesome review, and for the love of god keep going.

Dear Yahtzee. You missed a rather HUGE point about characters.

The charadesign of the main character S.U.C.K.S.

Especially when I have to compare it to even second or third roles found in Grim Fandago.

If you're going to play with that thing for numerous hours, it better has to be nice looking, or interesting. Which he is neither.


Great review! just bought it on steam since you gave it a great review and I heard so much good about it. :)

Dear Yahtzee. You missed a rather HUGE point about characters.

The charadesign of the main character S.U.C.K.S.

Especially when I have to compare it to even second or third roles found in Grim Fandago.

If you're going to play with that thing for numerous hours, it better has to be nice looking, or interesting. Which he is neither.

Say WHAT? I thought the concept of wearing an old fashioned aviator hat and goggles was awesome! And I thought criticizing this game was against the law or something...

But I digress- they had an alternate design for the main character, but questions about rendering caused that design to be abandoned.

Yahtzee- this was the first review I ever watched a while back, and he's only gotten better since.

"A twitching, Ritalin popping X-Box owner who falls into a narcoleptic coma when they go without killing something for 45 seconds."
Exhibit A:

She only plays Pyschonauts for the first hour and bases a review upon that.


She only plays Pyschonauts for the first hour and bases a review upon that.

That chick is fucking retarded. Seriously.


That chick is fucking retarded. Seriously.

What actually made me angry for the very first time ever, was the fact that she has 5000+ subscribers with a fair amount of them saying:
That and from another of her "reviews" my favourite quote:
"I actually enjoyed Enter The Matrix"

Damn, this one really makes me guilty for not buying it. Then again, I've lost my interests in third person shooters/explorers over the years (unless they're incredibly atmospheric, thus not being a shooter and in most cases or explorer).

I frigg'n loved this game back then! It had a slow start, but then it was like a gangbang of fresh, original ideas and memorable characters.

I really enjoyed this game: Original, challenging and funny "Remember that? Fun is what we had before games became a second job".
Probably is one of your Top-10 best lines (a real achievement). Videogames today are just that: play for 6 hours in a solo campaing and stay the rest of your life sticked to your computer. Or you wanted to be called "noob"?

Psychonauts is great and if you don't like, you must be STUPID
By the way, the game is available (paying of course) in the Xbox 360 marketplace

That one wasn't as good. :colbert: Being angry and SWEARING and stuff doesn't automatically mean funny. I still watched it twice though. Bits of it were cool. Tell your bosses to let you review games that suck.

go f*ck yourself

Although it's not the cynical drop kick in the lower extremities that we all expected out of Ol' Yahtzee, it's still as brilliant as a sack of pennies in a bathtub of vinegar and diamond dust. The pen thing hurts like a tack wedged between those little muscles in your pinky and 4th toes as well. Keep it up good man! And yes, you can be nice to a game and still be great. It's possible!

He's Right.
Psychonauts is one of the most interesting original games I've ever played. If you don't own it, go buy it. It never stops being entertaining.

He's right on some of the difficulty spikes. There are some times that I was like "Jeebus!"
Parts of the Lungfish bossbattle was some of the hardest platformer boss battle stuff I've ever had to play.

It's very intersting in how it catches you off guard. With this type of cartoony game you get used to expecting to hear certain things, and never hear when someone mentions how someone committed suicicde, using that word, suicide, it slaps you in the face. Not in a bad way, but you make note of it. And at one point you're in someone's mind projection, and happen on to a secret room (if you look for it). Inside you find out that they once had children and that they were burned alive in a fire. IF that's not enough, you pop open a secret doorway and are warned not to enter it because it's a real "party killer", because the whole theme so far as been super light and happy and celebratory.
Inside the secret door you're dropped into a hellish burning room where demonic spectres wail about burning alive and why they weren't saved in creepy voices.
Keep in mind, I'm not saying that because I think it's bad. In fact I was highly impressed that the developers did it. As a writer it caught me as a very honest move. They didn't pull punches, they told the story.

So again, I deffinitely suggest it, the way I'd suggest Fitzgerald, King, or Faulkner to an english major.

Wait what? I beat Psychonauts, and I never saw that. Where is it? How do I find it? Is it related to the Milk Man?

During the hippy party lady's level. The one where you get levitation. Surprising as hell. All of the characters have something like that, I think.

Damn, I really want to go back and play this now.

They need a Wii port. Only cause I don't want to re-buy an xbox to play it.

I stumbled upon you in the churning sea of messages in bottles that is youtube, and I must say that you are one of the greatest game reviewers in the english speaking world (which is pretty important considering that I am one man and that the only other places that make videogames is Japan and Korea but really who cares about Korea: only the southern half isn't busy starving to death b\c they have an economy).

Anyway I hadn't even given Psychonauts a chance until this review, but I'm so going to buy it because setting squirrels on fire is my life's greatest ambition and society tends to frown upon such actions being taken in real life.

I just got this... for one of the only games that had a favorable ZP review, my expectations were high... and it's really, really good so far!

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