Seeing Red

Seeing Red

"Pyramid Head reminds James of his guilt, his sexual frustration during Mary's illness and his desire to be punished for what he did. Ultimately, James accepts all of this, wanting to be rid of the delusion. "I needed you to punish me for my sins," he admits near the end."

Christina Gonzalez examines the psychological impact of a man with a knife wearing a pyramid on his head.


Excellent retro-spective into one of my favorite game protagonists. Nicely done!

A decent analysis but the fact was excluded that the game shows us that Pyramid Head is, for all intensive and aesthetic purposes, a reincarnation of the ancient, sadistic, executioners in Silent Hill. Their appearance as such before James learns of their true history suggests that they are not solely a figment of his imagination but were either summoned or created by Valtiel or Samael herself for the purposes of tormenting James and bringing him to self-realization.

Good work. It's nice to see a gaming antagonist have such a metaphorical meaning, tormenting the character, both physically and mentally (in hind-sight, I should play some deeper games).

Quite a good analysis.

My own favourite character from SH2 might also be deserving of such a treatment: Maria. Her character and her nature are revealed in the bonus level called "Born from a Wish". She's a construct, fashioned to hurt James, and she's just conscious enough to distantly realize it. And the only way she can ever become real is to convince James to accept her as real. That's some creepy shit. Maybe I should flesh it out and write the article...


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