AGDC 2007: Inside Garriott's Playground

AGDC 2007: Inside Garriott's Playground

"One of the locations we'll be taking you this evening is a construction site," said the NCsoft representative at the front of the bus. "Because they're using blasting caps, there's a very real danger of injury. So we'll need to collect your cell phones."

Russ Pitts takes a trip to Richard Garriott's Castle Britannia and lives to tell the story.


What a personality this guy is.

Yeah, very awesome story. He's pretty well known for his crazy events, but I think this one may have topped them all. I'm sure he was just waiting for an excuse to load his new house with pyrotechnics ;)

Wow. This was a great story and what a cool evening. Thanks for sharing!

Yes indeed, what an awesome event! I'm envious of the entire experience except the part where the alien being pops out of the cloud of smoke. I'm pretty sure I would have ran away screaming like a little girl...

Russ, I'm buying you a beer.

As one of the pyro people that evening, he should have stuck around for the professional display fireworks show and beers after. Better than most City holiday / festival shoots. Garriott is not at all lacking in money for shows. =] Glad he had a good time. We had a lot of fun too.


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