115: WebGame 2.0

WebGame 2.0

"It was an unmistakable feeling at the pit of my stomach that would be familiar to any gamer with even a hint of ego - a feeling that combines the shame of failure and the shame of caring so much about something so trivial.

"I felt like I was losing. At MySpace, of all things."

Kyle Orland exposes Web 2.0's elements of play.

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This article is a classic... and so true. I've been engaging in this exact behavior for the extent of the W2.0 timeframe, and didn't make the insight. Nice work (if The Escapist allowed for rating articles and then have ratings rated, I'd give it 5 stars, and Kyle could then rate my feedback with 5... hehe).

If losing at Web 2.0 is wrong, then I don't want to be right.

All very true... I've noticed that I'm comparing the number of listeners to my podcast to other shows on a weekly basis.

I hate Web 2.0, but at least it lets me say so in a million different ways, and get that statement rated...

I would never have believed this before I registered to The Escapist....

A very interesting and well written article - In gaming terms I would liken achievement points / trophies to this WebGame. Sure they're meaningless, but they work - people buy terrible games just to get achievements...


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