Zero Punctuation: Peggle

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Yeh my mom loves puzzle games.

Holy smokes, Yahtzee almost sounds like he's on weed speed-wise here compared to his most recent videos.

I didn't understand what those heads were on the pegs the first time, but now that I've seen Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.....I have one word to say BRILLIANT!

Apparently I go to school at the University of Smartarse. Glad to see that Yahtzee's a 'Noles fan.

i googled housewife without safe search on. not doing that again.

Holy thread necro batman.

Fuck Peggle, i lost weeks playing that game!

Holy thread necro batman.

There are a ton of ZP threads that get necro'd this way; it's uncanny.

Holy thread necro batman.

Is necro batman a zombie?

Lols this thread is still going?


Holy thread necro batman.

Is necro batman a zombie?

Batman isn't a zombie! He's our lord and savior who rose from the dead along with Jesus to fight off those rocket-launcher-wielding ninjas! Just like the Bible says!


finaly someone else who likes scrabble :P



That is all.

I miss having the intro/exit music in the new ZPs...they were always chosen so well

Gotta love these early reviews. I always go back and watch a couple of them whenever I'm bored on this site.

New stuffs great too though.

"Maybe THEN she'll stop pestering you for Sex." --Now why on Earth would you want to do THAT ...oh, I see. Sorry I asked =P

Episodes like this, while basic, show cased what ZP is all about. Nothing really negative could be said this week because there isn't much to the actual game. When Yahtzee has something meatier, he can highlight every flaw, to show no game is perfect. Here, all he can do is talk. Still funny though.

It's funny because my mom can whip my..butt at almost any video-game we play. And I am pretty good at games. She is a hardcore gamer geek and thus, so am I.
I guess I can't really say "and thus" as though it was inevitable, both my sister's wound up as hardcore divas instead so I guess I was the only one to inherit that awesomeness. At leased I don't really have to share my games now.

i had no mother
i rose from the earth in a ball of lighting and fire

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