117: Opening Moves

Opening Moves

"I still don't know why I said it - and in retrospect it sounds like a gay pickup line from the '20s - but I opened my mouth and asked, 'Would you fancy a game of chess sometime?'
He gave me a dubious look for a second, then reached into his jacket pocket and handed me a business card.
'Meet me at my club next Tuesday at three,' he said, just before being promptly whisked off to talk to more important people."

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This is a pretty neat story, it almost feels like it might be more at home in a thriller novel! Congrats for finding a unique way to connect with a client for capital Mr Bond.

Nicely written--as a former book editor, I say that as a professional.

While it is well written, I fail to see how this article relates to this issue's topic or The Escapist...

Great story. Talk about being a catalyst for your company. And to think, with a guy like that, one false slip of the tongue probably could have ended it pretty damn quick! Just goes to show you everyone is different.


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