Sticks and Balls

Sticks and Balls

"By the bottom of the first inning, my Rangers were down 13 runs and had changed pitchers five times. On occasion I'd throw a pitch that wasn't an automatic home run for my opponent, and would then be forced to attempt to field the ball. By run 8 or 9 I'd taken to manually switching to whichever player wasn't in the path of the ball, and then praying I could fade into the outfield and pretend the sun was in my eyes. In this way the game was very much like my limited experience playing actual baseball."

Russ Pitts attempts to play sports games on the Wii, hilarity ensues.


With respect to WiiPlay's pool game, my girlfriend and I had a similar set of problems with the handling of the pool cue. Eventually we realised that the only times our motions didn't register properly, we were starting off with the wiimote pointing at the screen, but during the stroke, the pointer left the screen area, and the cue just stopped moving.
After this realisation, I was able to make every stroke "count" by ensuring I always kept the tip of the wiimote high enough to be "on the screen".
I know it's a bit silly that the forward/backward motion be dependent upon pointing at the screen, but it looks like that's the way the coders wrote it.
Not perfect but workable.

Hope this helps.


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